10 Reasons Why Musical Plays Work

  1. Easy to Do
    Our classroom musicals require absolutely no musical knowledge or ability, and can be put on without extensive staging or rehearsal. Read our Frequently Asked Questions!
  2. Reinforce the Curriculum
    Bad Wolf plays are designed to emphasize common core and other national standards. Just look at any play page for links to the relevant standards (as well as vocabulary used in the show).
  3. Spark the Learning Process
    Participating in a musical play is a hands-on learning experience that makes the curriculum jump out of the textbook and come alive.
  4. Cross Language and Learning Barriers
    Students of all levels, interests, and abilities respond to the theatrical presentation of material. “Reluctant” learners shine when given a part in a play, and gifted students have a blast making the material their own! Our plays also work brilliantly for English language learners and special education and special needs students. Plays are really for everyone.
  5. Build Classroom Camaraderie
    Putting on a show builds teamwork, cooperation, and mutual support. Students feel good about themselves, each other, and learning.
  6. Integrate the Arts
    Our musical plays are designed to make it easy to bring art, speech, movement, theater, music, and singing into your already bulging curriculum.
  7. Great for Music Teachers Too
    A great majority of our plays are purchased by non-music teachers, but many music teachers have found our shows to be great resources. Sheet music is available for all our shows. Learn more!
  8. Excellent for Drama Programs and Home School Cooperatives
    You don't have to have a traditional classroom to experience the fun of a Bad Wolf play—theater and home school organizations love us too! Our flexible casting makes it easy to tailor the show to your needs.
  9. Increase Parental Involvement
    These productions—no matter how simple—get families and the entire school community involved in and excited about what’s going on in your classroom.
  10. Fun, Educational, and Rewarding
    Student, teachers, administrators, and families love the catchy music, silly rhymes, and goofy humor that deliver real curricular content. Teachers often tell us these plays are the highlight of the year. And we guarantee it.