"Vacation on Mars" Musical Play by Bad Wolf Press
    • 25-minute musical play for grades 1-5
    • Includes the script, teacher's guide, and audio recording (which contains a vocal and instrumental version of each song)
    • Simple to do - no music or drama experience needed!

    You know our solar system spins, but in our show it sings and dances too! When a family sets out for the vacation of a lifetime, they have no idea they'll soon be touring the whole solar system. The sun is used to being on center stage, and even the planets have attitude -- Jupiter boasts of his sixty-plus moons, Saturn polishes his rings, and Venus thinks she's so hot (900 degrees!). Even Pluto is there, wanting desperately to be a planet again. Will the family ever get to Mars? Cinch up your asteroid belt and come along!

    Please scroll down to read the script, listen to the songs, read reviews, and get all the details about the play (plot, curriculum/content, educational standards, and vocabulary).

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    Vacation on Mars: The Solar System for Young Explorers is a great complement to your curriculum resources in elementary school science. And, like all of our plays, this show can be used to improve reading, vocabulary, reading comprehension, performance and music skills, class camaraderie and teamwork, and numerous social skills (read about it!) -- all while enabling students to be part of a truly fun and creative experience they will never forget!

    Publication Information

    Author: Ron Fink (Composer) and John Heath (Book and Lyrics)
    ISBN: 978-1-886588-24-0
    © 2002 Bad Wolf Press, LLC

    Song Samples

    Full Song List

    1. Mars, Mars
    2. New Moon
    3. I Am Just an Ordinary Star
    4. Mercury and Venus
    5. I'm Hot
    6. That's Earth
    7. Sixteen Moons
    8. Rings of Saturn
    9. Neptune, Neptune
    10. Mars, Mars (reprise)


    Flexible casting from 11-40 students.
    Use as many Guides, Mechanics, Venettes, etc. as desired. One student
    can also play more than one role. Note that roles are not gender-specific;
    see our comments on page 34 of the Teacher's Guide.


    This is the first one-third of the script:


    Moons (different phases)
    Moons of Jupiter
    Rings of Saturn
    Neptune Dad
    Neptune Mom
    Neptune Kid
    and a CHORUS made up of all students who are not playing roles at the time.

    (Two kids are packing up suitcases without enthusiasm. There is a big dog sitting on
    top of one of the suitcases.)

    ARIEL: I am NOT looking forward to our vacation this year.

    JOSH (petting GUS, the dog): Me neither. Gus always gets car sick.

    ARIEL: Something always goes wrong.

    JOSH: Remember last year? We got lost in the Everglades.

    ARIEL: How could I forget? I didn’t know alligators could move so fast.

    JOSH (holding up GUS): Yeah. But I think Gus looks good without a tail, don’t you?

    (from off-stage)

    DAD: Are you kids ready to go?

    JOSH (to ARIEL): Where are we going this year?

    ARIEL: Mom said Dad was on the Internet all night looking for something special.
    Can you say "disaster"?

    (MOM and DAD enter. music begins.)

    MOM (excited): Hi kids! Your dad’s outdone himself this year. You won’t believe it.

    ARIEL: We’re gonna get really really lost, aren’t we?

    DAD: Not this time. Come on! We’re going to Mars!

    ARIEL and JOSH: What?

      Song 1 - Listen now!

    MOM and DAD :
    Mars Mars
    We’re going to Mars
    Grab Gus
    And pack up the car.
    Come on
    We’re gonna see stars
    Mars Mars.

    MOM, DAD, and CHORUS:
    Mars Mars
    We’re going to Mars
    Grab Gus
    And pack up the car.
    Come on
    We’re gonna see stars
    Mars Mars.

    There’s riverbeds where we can hike
    Volcanoes for your mountain bike.

    The rusty soil makes things bright red
    There’s polar ice-caps—grab your sled.

    MOM and DAD and CHORUS:
    Mars Mars
    We’re going to Mars
    Grab Gus
    And pack up the car.
    Come on
    We’re gonna see stars
    Mars Mars.

    Well I was hoping "Disneyworld"
    To give Tomorrowland a whirl.

    But on the bright side now I see
    I bet there’s no humidity!

    Mars Mars
    We’re going to Mars
    Grab Gus
    And pack up the car.
    Come on
    We’re gonna see stars
    Mars Mars.

    Come on
    We’re gonna see stars
    Mars Mars.

    (3 TOUR GUIDES enter. TWO of them carry 7 portable teleports that look a lot like
    doormats. THEY spread them out on the stage. The third GUIDE carries a little
    remote control box with a large spinning dial.)

    DAD: Here are the tour guides now.

    GUIDE #1: Okeedokee. Here we are. We’re your guides from Betty’s Bargain
    Basement Tours. Who’s travelling to Mars today?

    MOM: We all are.

    JOSH: And Gus.

    MOM (to GUIDES, as she pulls food out of a large bag she carries with her at all
    times): Would you like a cookie?

    (THEY shake their heads)

    GUIDE #2: No thank you. The crumbs might mess up the teleports. Everybody step
    on up.

    (DAD AND MOM DO; KIDS hesitate)

    Come on now.

    ARIEL: Are you serious?

    GUIDE #3: Go on. These teleports are guaranteed. They’re the newest model: E52s!

    DAD: Come on, kids. This is gonna be fun! What could go wrong?

    (THEY all take places, including GUIDES.)

    GUIDE #1: Okeedokee. Let me just set the dial here to "Mars" and we’ll be on our way.

    (HE sets the dial on the control box, and there is a loud, ugly or funny NOISE.)

    GUIDE #2: Ooh. That didn’t sound good.

    GUIDE #3: Is it supposed to do that?

    GUIDE #1 (shrugging shoulders): I’ve never seen an E52.

    (3 MOONS enter, each representing a different phase of Earth’s moon: Full, New,
    and Quarter)

    GUIDE #2: Yikes! This doesn’t look like Mars.

    MOON #1: Of course I don’t. I’m the moon.

    MOON #2: I reflect the light from the sun back to you on earth.

    MOON #3: Just look at my different phases.

    MOM: You are all very lovely—just like a banana cream pie.

    (points to FULL MOON)

    Fresh baked…

    (points to QUARTER MOON)

    …after Dad has had dessert…

    (points to NEW MOON)

    …and after Gus gets finished licking the plate.

    MOON #1: It all depends on how much of my reflection you can see.

      Song 2 - Listen now!

    MOONS :
    New moon
    There’s not much to see
    Real soon
    There’s a slice of me
    Full moon
    Shine bright and round
    Real soon real soon
    I will shrink back down.
    Real soon real soon
    I will shrink back down.

    New moon
    There’s nothing to see
    Real soon
    There’s a sliver of me
    Full moon
    I just might burst
    Real soon real soon
    I’ll go in reverse.
    Real soon real soon
    I’ll go in reverse.

    These are the simple lunar facts
    I wax and wane and wane and wax
    It takes me almost thirty days
    I guess I’m in a lunar phase.

    New moon
    There’s not much to see
    Real soon
    There’s a slice of me
    Full moon
    Shine bright and round
    Real soon real soon
    I will shrink back down.
    Real soon real soon
    I will shrink back down.

    (MOONS exit)

    GUIDE #1: Okeedokee. Wasn’t that fun?

    ARIEL: We are supposed to be on Mars.

    GUIDE #2: Don’t worry. There’s only a slight extra charge for seeing the moon.

    GUIDE #3 (fiddling with control box): Let me just set this thing for Mars. Everybody
    on your ports.

    (THEY stand on them as before. Same horrible NOISE.)

    DAD: What now?

    JOSH: Dad, I think we’re on the sun!

    GUIDE #1: Wow. I didn’t even know this thing went to the sun.

    (SUN enters with very loud hiccups. JOSH sneaks around sun and jumps out at
    it trying to scare it.)

    JOSH: BOO!

    SUN (jumping in fright): Aaach. Don’t do that.

    JOSH: Sorry. I was just trying scare the hiccups out of you.

      Song 3 - Listen now!

    SUN: Oh those? Don’t worry.

    Pardon me
    It will pass
    You see I’m filled with gas.
    If I burp
    Watch your hair
    Here comes a solar flare.

    I am just an ordinary star
    Ninety million miles from where you are
    But I’m hot
    To the core
    I’ve got helium galore
    I am just an ordinary star.

    All my gas
    Makes me bright
    I give you heat and light.
    Watch out folks
    As I spin
    I shoot out solar wind.

    SUN and CHORUS:
    I am just an ordinary star
    Ninety million miles from where you are
    But I’m hot
    To the core
    I’ve got helium galore
    I am just an ordinary star.

    (SUN exits)

    GUIDE #1: Okeedokee. Don’t worry, folks. I’ve called in some teleport mechanics.
    They’ll have this thing fixed in a jiffy.

    GUIDE #2: Here they come now!

    (MECHANICS enter. THEY carry various tools.)

    MECHANIC #1: So, the ol’ teleport is having problems, huh?

    MECHANIC #2: Here, let’s have a look.

    MOM (approaching THEM): Would you like a lemon square?

    MECHANIC #1: No thanks, ma’am. Might get crumbs in the control box. (grumbles
    as THEY look at control box)
    Uh huh. Uh huh.

    MECHANIC #2: Yep yep yep.

    MECHANIC #1: Uh huh.

    MECHANIC #2: Yep yep. Yep.

    GUIDE #3: What is it?

    MECHANIC #1: Happens all the time. This baby is an E52.

    MECHANIC #2: Yep yep yep.

    GUIDE #1: An E52?

    MECHANIC #1: Sure. The E52 can only go through the solar system in the right order.
    You gotta start from the sun.

    MECHANIC #2: Yep yep.

    ARIEL: You mean we have to go through the whole solar system to get to Mars?

    MECHANIC #1: Oh it’s not far at all. You’re already on the sun, see? The center of the solar system.

    MECHANIC #2: So now just start with Mercury and head on out!

      Song 4 - Listen now!

    Mercury and Venus
    Earth and Mars
    Flying in their orbit
    ’Round a star.
    Jupiter and Saturn
    What a view!
    Uranus and Neptune
    Pluto too.

    Mercury and Venus
    Earth and Mars
    Flying in their orbit
    ’Round a star.
    Jupiter and Saturn
    What a view!
    Uranus and Neptune
    Pluto too.

    Solar solar solar system
    9 great planets
    I can’t resist ’em.
    There are meteors
    CHORUS (echoes): Meteors
    Comets and asteroids as well…
    But I love those planets most—
    Can’t you tell? Can’t you tell?

    Mercury and Venus
    Earth and Mars
    Flying in their orbit
    ’Round a star.
    Jupiter and Saturn
    What a view!
    Uranus and Neptune
    Pluto too.

    Solar solar solar system
    9 great planets
    I can’t resist ’em.
    There are meteors
    CHORUS (echoes): Meteors
    Comets and asteroids as well…
    But I love those planets most—
    Can’t you tell? Can’t you tell?

    (THEY do Mechanic Dance)

    Uranus and Neptune
    Pluto too.
    Uranus and Neptune
    Pluto too.
    Uranus and Neptune
    Pluto too.
    (MECHANICS exit)

    (This concludes the first one-third of the script.)

    Overall Customer Rating:
    Customer Reviews: 6

    Austin, TX


    • Great for 4th or 5th grades
    Vacation on Mars!

    This is the second play from Bad wolf that I have performed! The skit has humor that both students and parents understand, it's educational, both of my own kids are in High School and still sing songs about plays they have done from Bad Wolf! The tunes are catchy ( a little corny at times) but the students always end up having a great time singing them and performing them! Each grade level has over 100 students, so I have to add some extra parts/split into more, but it always turns out amazing! The grade level staff loves that it covers curriculum and the students love acting, singing and dancing! Best bang for your buck by far!



    Wonderful! My class loves the music, and the story is entertaining, engaging, and educational. We're so excited to perform this week. Thank you!


    Love it!

    I love the music I purchased! I am the music teacher at an Expeditionary Learning school where the Arts are integrated through all of the content. I purchased the musicals about Mars and Geology. They both are rich in content and are so much fun for the the kids to sing! I will definitely purchase more with you in the future.

    Springville Union Elementary


    Vacation to Mars

    Vacation to Mars musical has been a great culminating activity to support our ELA programs' "Space" theme. The skills required to bring a text into a polished performance has brought all learners closer to many of our goals in third grade.

    Janesville, CA


    • catchy songs
    • great for 3rd grade
    • fun
    • silly lines!
    Helps Cement the Solar System Lesson!

    This is just one of the cutest plays I have ever done. The songs are so catchy, they sink into your brain, and cement the information there for good! Last year I taught 3rd grade and we did this play! Talk about AWESOME! This year I have fourth grade (I alternate back and forth between 3rd and 4th), and we were on a bus going to a field trip. In the seat behind me two of the boys started singing the songs, then the two next to them started singing them, and before the end of the second song, the whole group was singing the songs. Not just their parts from the play, but ALL of the songs. And YES, I was proud that they remembered it! :)



    • great for third grade
    • catchy dialogue
    Fantastic Play

    We have performed Vacation on Mars for three years now and each year it has been such a success. The students love it and by the end of our rehearsals and show, they know all about the Solar System. Not only are the songs catchy and fun, but the dialogue is too. I can't tell you how many times I would say, "Okeydokie," and a student or two would say, "Who's traveling to Mars today?" Then we'd start reciting the lines. Parents loved it as well. So much fun! Thanks for a great play!

    Additional Comments and Reviews:

    "The play was a highlight of our year. The children learned and will remember so much about space. The songs made the facts stick. The parents got to see their child shine. It's easy for teachers, even those who are inexperienced in putting on a musical."

    ---Helen Brekke, Teacher (K-3rd), St. Andrew Lutheran School, Denver, CO

    "I loved the music---there were so many different styles. I was amazed at the facts that were taught with this play. I had many parents say they were impressed with the knowledge base the play covered. You do an amazing job!"

    ---Ann Burk, Teacher (1st grade), Montana City School, Montana City, MT

    "The comedy was tops with us! As a music teacher, I use a lot of humor in my teaching style. The 'funny factor' is a very strong motivator for my students, and it also helps them remember the facts that are tucked into the dialogue. I've had several students tell me later that they've found answers to tests (both classroom and state standardized) in the songs they'd learned for the musicals."

    ---Lisa Feazell, Music Teacher (5th grade), Deer Creek Elementary, Cedar Park, TX

    "The kids play the CD every morning when they arrive in the classroom. I thought they might lose interest after their performances but they can't get enough. We had so much and learned science concepts included in our curriculum. Friends and relatives highly praised the performance."

    ---Sheryl Farnum, Teacher (4th grade), Cascade Brook School, Farmington, ME

    "I loved it, the parents loved it, my principal loved it, and the children learned so much from it! They learned both about the solar system and about preparing for and performing a play."

    ---Jean Gentry, Teacher (2nd grade), Westergard School, Reno, NV

    "There was nothing to not like about it! The music was entertaining while being educational and the underlying humor throughout the play was great. We got rave reviews and the compliments were non-stop. Thank you for making my job of putting on a play so easy!"

    ---Kerry Santantonio, Teacher (3rd grade), John Lewis Childs School, Floral Park, NY

    "Parents couldn't believe their children would get up, sing, memorize and act. The students enjoyed every aspect of the play, and it sparked further interest and knowledge of the solar system. It was a great student lesson in cooperation and creativity."

    ---Lynn Page, Teacher (3rd grade), Christ Prince of Peace School, St Louis, MO

    "It was fantastic! This was the fourth Bad Wolf Press musical we have performed in four years. All were good but this one was the best. (Every year someone asks me, 'Where did you get that great musical?')"

    ---Brandi Couse, Music Teacher, Westside Elementary, Clewiston, FL

    "Very upbeat and fun for the kids! They enjoyed the songs and the silly humor. The students learned so many facts about the solar system and had a great time performing it!"

    ---Sherry Mancino, Teacher (3rd grade), Ocean Palms Elementary, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

    "Vacation on Mars is my all-time favorite---so far!"

    ---Georgia Rhodes, Teacher (2nd/3rd grade), Sedgwick School, Blue Hill, ME

    Common Core and Other National Standards


    Language Arts

    • Common Core Reading Standards for Literature: K, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th
    • Common Core Reading Standards: Foundational Skills:
      • K and 1st: Phonological Awareness, Phonics and Word Recognition
      • 2nd: Phonics and Word Recognition
      • 3rd, 4th, 5th: Phonics and Word Recognition, Fluency
    • Common Core Speaking and Listening Standards: Comprehension and Collaboration - K, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th
    • Common Core Language Standards: Vocabulary Acquisition and Use - K, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th
    • Common Core Standard 10: Range, Quality & Complexity: Range of Text Types for K-5th

    National Core Arts Standards



    Astronomical Terms
    polar ice-caps

    Lunar phases:

    solar flare
    solar wind
    Great Red Spot
    space dust
    black hole
    Milky Way
    meteor shower
    asteroid belt

    Vocabulary From Stage Directions

    Number of questions: 1
    Questions About "Musical Play: "Vacation on Mars""
    Q: How long does it take to prepare to preform this play?
    Mrs. Havens February 22, 2015 3:31 PM
    A: Most teachers usually take about a month to prepare for a performance. We include a sample schedule in the Teacher's Guide. However, that totally depends on how much time you want to spend each week! We have heard of people doing a play in just three days; others use a play as a culminating project and work on it little by little all school year. At any rate, the play is very flexible and can be tailored to your schedule.

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    Q: What comes in the package?

    A: Every musical play comes with the script and a 12-page Teacher's Guide that provides lots of tips and advice for using the play from start to finish. It also includes the audio recording for the play, which has all the songs both WITH and WITHOUT vocals. Sheet music is NOT included with the basic package, but it is available for $12. Extra/replacement CDs are also available for $12.

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    A: Yes! Consider the play to be a jumping-off point. You are always welcome to change or omit anything that doesn't work for your class, administration, or parents. You are welcome to rewrite lyrics, lines, or jokes -- or add your own! (The kids love doing this, by the way.)

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