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Teachers, theater directors and before/after school instructors all over the world love Bad Wolf plays! Here are a whole bunch of comments from folks who have used our plays. These are general comments about our shows; for reviews of the individual plays, please visit the play page you are interested in.

To submit your own review, just e-mail it to contact@badwolfpress.com. Be sure to include your school name and what grade you teach. And if you'd like us to publish your review, please give us permission to print in the catalog and/or the website.

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Curriculum Connections/Common Core Standards

"Our Common Core focus demands that we teach concepts more fully using higher levels of learning that ultimately focus on creativity. European Explorers in the New World truly met that goal. My students found the play not only humorous, but through singing these songs, they were able to clearly convey the major concepts and accomplishments of exploration. I was so impressed with this year's class's deeper understanding of the Age of Exploration and I know it was because I incorporated this play."

---Nona Reimer, Teacher (5th grade), John S. Malcom Elementary School, Laguna Niguel, CA

"I am living proof that you don't have to do plays after testing. I sold my principal on the idea of Name That Internal Organ for Open House BECAUSE of testing. My fifth graders take the California Standardized test in science, and the play is a great way for them to learn about human anatomy. I can't wait to see if they hum the songs while they answer the questions.

"I can't express fully how much your plays have come to mean to the children and to me. You make doing musicals easy, fun, and best of all, administrators can't complain when a teacher is using the time to teach information set out in the state standards."

---Jennifer Luchsigner, Teacher (5th grade) Washington Elementary School, Riverside, CA

"Each year, we look at our TAKS (standardized testing) data, and see what areas need an extra boost. From that, we choose a musical that might help that area. For example, last year, our earth science scores needed a bit help, so this year, we're doing Geology Rocks! We've found that every year, kids come back to us and tell us they remembered answers to the test just by singing the songs in their heads! Our district is very data-oriented, so it's really wonderful to have this tool to teach that uses such creative enthusiasm and gets results to boot. Our faculty and our students are big Bad Wolf fans!"

---Lisa Feazell, Teacher (music K-5), Deer Creek Elementary, Cedar Park, TX

"During the state testing the kids started humming songs from Pirates from Grammar Island as they answered grammar questions on the test. Needles to say, the class did exceptionally well on that part of the test!"

---Sherry LaCost, Grandparent Volunteer, Central Elementary, Roundup, MT

"We do the musicals as a way of linking fine arts to our classroom curriculums. For several years now, we've examined the data from our prior year's standardized test scores to see in which areas our scores are lowest. From that, we choose a musical that best suits the needs of our students. We tend to turn these into a big production, complete with technical crews and stage managers. Our students have learned responsibility, time management, and organization skills that carry on into middle school and beyond, just as the songs stay in their heads forever!"

---Lisa Feazell, Music Teacher (5th grade), Deer Creek Elementary, Cedar Park, TX

"I have been doing musicals and plays in my classroom for over 10 years. When I see my former students out and about, they always mention the play or musical we did they year they were in my class. In fact, it is their most concrete memory of that grade! That says a lot about how plays and musicals do a great job of putting information into long-term memory!"

---Laura McDonald, Teacher (3rd grade), S.M. Rissler Elementary School, Trenton, MO

"My classes have performed plays for the past 14 years. This March we performed American Symbols. The students learned so much about our country, its symbols and history. We just went on a field trip to our local museum for a 'Pride and Patriotism' exhibit and the docents who led the class through the exhibit were amazed at all the children knew about our country. The children frequently broke out in song when asked about what they know about symbols and patriotism. I cannot tell you how valuable the experience was for all involved. How many second graders can say they know a little bit about the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence? They just took their test to see how much they have learned over the past year and all of them have done a remarkable job. I have never worried about THE TEST. They are motivated and excited about learning and I believe your plays are a big part of their success."

---Kristen Braunreiter, Teacher, Dibble School, Jackson, MI

"Your shows tie in beautifully with our social studies curriculum. It is a fun way to give kids a solid hold on concepts learned and a great way to incorporate music. My current fifth grade students performed 13 Colonies last year as 4th graders. This year as we read from our social studies book, when we came across phrases or names used in the play they would break into songs. Our play performance always ranks in their memory books at the top of things they will remember."

---Denise Swingle, Teacher (4th-5th grades), Merrill Elementary, Merrill, OR

"I like how well the play fits into and adds to the curriculum. In the past I never talked in such detail about the topics but with this play I find myself creating extension lessons for the curriculum because the students are so excited. It also adds to the parent connection. It provides conversations for parents and students as well as provides an opportunity for them to come to the school. I have used other plays, but since finding Bad Wolf I would not use any others. The way problems and topics are tackled are perfect. The music is original and highly motivating."

---Andrea Croft, Teacher (kindergarten), Quaker Valley School District, PA

"You guys are awesome. Such talent! Thank you for single handedly vitalizing our theater program and keeping the arts alive at our school. The curriculum related content will stay with the kids for years. Many teachers at our school with little or no theater background produce play at all grades and levels of production. By the time the students are in sixth grade they are seasoned performers and this gives them great confidence."

---Sharon Silverglate, Teacher (3rd grade), Mar Vista Elementary, Aptos, CA

"Teachers do not realize that they are responsible to teach all the state standards, including the standards for theater, music, visual arts, and dance. The benefits are well documented in research that connects student achievement and engagement when implementing the arts as a part of instruction. Students get to know the talents of other classmates in a way that they would not otherwise discover if they were not involved in a theater production. Even I look at my own students differently after we have completed a musical!"

---Amy Bagnall, Teacher (3rd grade), Valencia Elementary School, CA

"I've taught for 17 years and never did a play until trying yours last summer. Since then, I've done at least six! The kids really enjoy these and they enrich the curriculum."

---Lara Kellcher, Teacher (3-6), Egling Middle School, Colusa, CA

"Many teachers state that they can't be creative anymore because of the demands of the curriculum. I just don't agree. Your plays are one of the best ways to do BOTH at the same time, and provide an experience that these students will always remember. Keep up the good work!"

---Cathy Faust, Teacher (5th grade) Cram Elementary, Highland, CA

"Your plays are hilarious and engaging. They make it easy for me to teach the state curriculum while doing something I love. Every year I try a new play and I can't imagine a year without your plays. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

---Kristina Golem, Teacher (3rd grade), Woodland Hills Elementary, Woodland Hills, CA

"Catchy music (some of it is still stuck in my head!) a good mix of humor and actual information---many of your plays deal with topics we cover, so they fit very well. Doing these plays increases my students' listening skills, as well as skills in following directions and verbal communication. They tie in a theme in a fun way, and give students pride in themselves. They also provide a great avenue for the home-school connection, as parents assist and then attend the performance."

---Brenda Fleetwood, Teacher (1st and 3rd grades), Central Noble School, Albion/Wolf Lake, IN

"Many of the plays deliver standards-based content in unusual ways that get students moving and grooving to information in song form. They are willing and able to learn it that way when other formats are not nearly as successful. The plays allow us to have fun while drawing us closer as a community within our classroom because we are working together for a common purpose. The students are reading and memorizing, listening and speaking all without even realizing it!"

---Cindy Calderon, Teacher (4th grade), South West Park Elementary School, CA

"I often have middle schoolers tell me that the plays helped them on state tested material."

---Vivian McAfee, Elementary Music Teacher, Tahoka Elementary, Tahoka, TX

"The scripts and songs in all Bad Wolf Press plays directly correlated to my curriculum."

---Lynne Le Forge, Teacher (1st, 2nd and 3rd grades), Sycamore Elementary, Claremont, CA

"Gold Dust or Bust, Tide Pool Condos, Turkeys Go On Strike, Incredible Westward Movement and 13 Colonies -- ALL FABULOUS! They all tie in with social studies curriculum really well. They cover a large amount of material and if you are pressured for time they are a MUST."

---Dot Pastoriza-Plukas, Teacher (4th and 5th grades), Fairburn Elementary, Los Angeles, CA

"Your shows have enriched our curriculum and our school is now known to support an 'arts focus' partially because of the success of your plays."

---Vicky Hill, Teacher (5th grade), Oak Grove School, CA

"The students learn public speaking and performance as well as music. All of the plays are beneficial for boosting fluency. In school we often focus on the bottom line of speed in fluency, but these help teach reading with expression. Even my 1st graders learned to watch punctuation, italics, and other cues to tell them how to read the lines. This really showed up in their story reading and fluency."

---Krista VanderLugt, Teacher (1st grade), The American International School of Vilnius, Lithuania

"You are the greatest! This is my first year as a drama teacher (after nine years in third grade), and your musicals have become the backbone of our program. The humor in script and song has grabbed the children instantly. There are also marvelous correlation to our curriculum. (Third graders are preparing Coyote Steals the Summer , and the fourth graders believe the The Rumpus in the Rainforest was designed especially for them). Our frequently-above-it-all fifth graders have loosened up to the whimsy of The Emperor's New Clothes, and everyone in my huge second grade group has found his or her niche in Jack and the Beanstalk . Thank you again for providing the materials that work beautifully with my students. If you eliminated any one of the ingredients (humor, song, CDs, accessible language, illustrations, staging suggestions, familiar themes, age appropriate language, et al), we could never have enjoyed such success. The children and I are grateful."

---Maggie O'Hara, Teacher (Drama), Del Rey School, King City, CA

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College and Career Readiness/Life Skills

"I recently conducted an action research study in my classroom on the positive effects of performing arts integration. I directed my students in the Bad Wolf Press musical, American Revolution. My study found that over the 6-week rehearsal process and performances, my students improved in all 4 of the '21st Century Learning & Innovation Skills' (communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity). These 4C skills ARE the skills that students need to be college and career ready! Schools need to be EMBRACING the performing arts if they want to better prepare their students for the future."

--- Sarah Seibert, Teacher, Santiago School, Santa Ana, CA

"I have been using plays for 7 years. This experience does more for my students then anything else I could teach them in the classroom. Using Bad Wolf plays for reader's theater and performances, I have watched my students blossom and grow as fluent, expressive readers. I have watched their self-confidence soar through the sky. Most importantly, I have given them a love for learning and reading through the plays. It should be mandatory for all classes to do plays. They are gaining invaluable life skills through this experience. I teach first grade and my students come back to visit me and ALWAYS bring up how much they loved being in my class because of the plays! Students that love school will be successful, hard-working, life-long learners, and how much more prepared for 'college and careers' can you get than that? I am so thankful for Bad Wolf Press and for my school for supporting what I do!"

---Jennifer Swenson, Teacher (1st grade), Bear Lake Elementary, Apopka, FL

"Students at our school have benefitted from putting on plays for the last fifteen years. Our students learn the curriculum with greater depth and understanding, and learn problem-solving, teamwork, communication skills, and are able to RETAIN increased amounts of information—all valuable skills in a 'college and career' environment! Children are more confident, more self-assured, and able to speak publicly without fear—again, a valuable asset to any employer. The children have an increased desire to be at school, which increases motivation to learn—and that’s something that can’t be taught. It has to be intrinsic to the individual. Last time I checked, self-motivation was pretty important in any job or as a college student!"

--- Jennifer Luchsinger, Teacher (5th grade), Washington Elementary School, Riverside, CA

"I am a teacher at a title one school in a low income neighborhood. Over the past 12 years, I have watched so many students who have never and would never have the opportunity of being in a play gain confidence and poise, and find a place to thrive. Most of my theater students try running for office, participate in the spelling bee, and are student leaders. I have seen some of the shyest students grow into high school leaders and role models. Being in theater production is just like having a job. Everyone is responsible for getting to work at the required times. They need to read and memorize songs, choreography, and lines just as employees have to learn routines, manuals, speeches at a job. In a job, teamwork is important. You have to work together on projects that have deadlines. A theater group is a team whose finished product is a wonderful play. Each member is responsible for doing their part to make that play a success. Just like a job, we expect our students to follow rules for conduct and be prepared.

"Theater is most definitely preparation for the future. As a student now in college told me, 'I would never have gotten this far if it weren't for 4th, 5th and 6th grade theater. I realized then that I really was talented, and now I am taking my talents to become a hotel manager and concierge.' Theater involves reading, problem solving, and even leadership skills (I always have a director's assistant and stage manager). It involves teamwork, presentation skills, memorization, and following directions. Theater puts so many of things we teach in our classrooms into real, tangible action. Theater matters!"

---Kathy Wilbur, Teacher (4th grade), Prairie Elementary, CA

"Preparing for a play performance is a highlight in a student's learning experience. Students read, re-read, memorize, problem solve, think critically, gain experience with public speaking and express themselves creatively, while building their knowledge on the play's topic. Students treasure their scripts and lyrics and read them over and over and many achieve full memorization of the entire script. Most of all, plays give students an experience in hard work and in revising one's actions to make the story come across with more depth. Play productions are for those who are committed to high-quality work with text and to following directions, thinking on one's feet and following through, despite all obstacles. All of these skills are exactly what colleges are looking for in their student body."

---Mary Rowlands, Teacher (K-5th), The Laureate School, San Luis Obispo, CA

"Plays have helped my students to upgrade who they are as learners and as human beings in general. Confidence skyrockets, risk-taking grows, content learning deepens. As well, and perhaps more importantly, students learn the power of working hard as a team to produce something that is significant, not just in the eyes of a teacher, but in the eyes of the broader community."

---Peter Strand, Teacher (5th grade), Irving School, Bozeman, MT

"Learning to speak to an audience is a life skill that only develops with practice and experience. The earlier and more often the experience, the better. Performing in a musical or play of any sort requires a child to memorize lines and lyrics. That process teaches a child the value of repetition, 'the mother of learning,' to make any skill their own. Too often, in the fast-paced modern 'academic' program, students never repeat skills to automaticity. As readers, students learn to make characters come to life. They actually think about how their characters would speak and act, making them more critical and capable readers. Finally, students develop confidence. They take on a challenge in a new and challenging area and see what they are capable of. The activity expands their personal universe."

--- Rich Howell, Retired Teacher and Current Volunteer, Pleasant Valley School, Williams Ranch School, Scotten School, CA

"I tell my students I don't expect them to become Broadway actors, but they will use the skills they get in my class in many areas of their lives and all throughout their education. Improvisation helps with quick thinking, problem solving and thinking out of the box. An actual play helps build skills of organization, working as a team, memorizing, becoming comfortable in front of others and the list goes on. In what workforce do you not use all of these skills? The arts have been proven time and again to be an important role in the success of students."

---Glendia N. Strandin, Drama Specialist, Spectrum Progressive School of Rockford, Rockford, IL

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So Easy for the Musically Timid and for Newcomers Too!

"Me, put on a musical? I was doubtful, even though I knew the importance of performing arts for children. In the 18 years I have taught, I have always tried to trade music instruction with other teachers more competent than I am. I read through the Teacher's Guide twice. It still sounded too good to be true. Finally, I put on the CD, followed the step by step directions and ended up having the most fun and rewarding experience of my teaching career."

---Janice Garner, Teacher (4th grade), Las Colinas School, Camarillo, CA

"I have absolutely no background in musical theater, yet I had parents asking me about my 'talent' since my students put on such an amazing show! Performing a musical builds class unity like nothing I've ever seen!"

---Gina Rafael, Teacher (6th grade), Leal Elementary, Cerritos, CA

"You make things easy! The directions are so complete that they're a pleasure to follow. I'm looking forward to doing my next show."

---Mary Donlon, Teacher (2nd grade), Autumn Lane School, Rochester, NY

"I really liked having all the needed materials and helpful hints in one book, since I'm not very experienced. I liked the cost and educational value. I also liked the variety of musical styles. It was easy to put together and easy to make it fit our curricular needs. The students learned to work as a team."

---Jane Peiffer, Teacher (K-6th grades), Mishawaka, IN

"As a Montessori teacher, I need to teach all subjects. The musicals help facilitate my music curriculum since I'm a non-musical person.
We've chosen topics that fit with our studies (geometry, mediation, immigration). We've used the performances for our Parents' Day Tea so parents have been really impressed with their children's talents."

---B. Frost, Teacher (3rd-5th grades), High Desert Montessori School, Reno, NV

"This was my first play/musical and I found it to be extremely user friendly."

---Wendy Appleby, Teacher (4th-6th grade), American River Charter School, Garden Valley, CA

"I like how easy they are to perform and the fact that costumes and sets don't have to be fabulous or expensive for the plays to work. Students learn how to work together, and to sing and speak in front of an audience. These are the easiest and must humorous plays I've ever seen or directed. Children actually learn about a time period or science. They are great!"

---Brenda Huiras, Teacher (4th grade), Elkhorn School, Stockton, CA

"The music is catchy and easy to follow. Very few props are needed. My students feel good about performing. Putting on plays enhances literacy skills, enables all to participate (even my autistic student---he was great), teaches self control, and encourages students to work together. The parents love it!"

---Carol Quinn, Teacher, (1st grade), Newark, CA

"Your plays are absolutely perfect! Nobody could stop me from doing one every year. They let the shy kids break out of their shell and gain confidence. For the kids who are born actors, well, they are in absolute heaven. I love you guys!"

---Terri Anderson, Teacher (5th grade), Burnettsville, IN

"All my performances are done in black shirts and only hats as 'costumes.' The shirts focus attention on the kid."

---Rich Howell, Teacher (3rd grade), Williams Ranch School, Penn Valley, CA

"Everyone had parts and got to sing. The plays were humorous and fun. Everything you needed came with the purchase. I am musically challenged and you do a good job with your packets...The students love doing your shows---it motivates them all day into everything we do."

---Mel Pincus, Teacher (4th-5th grades), Vajont Elementary, Aviano AFB, Italy

"The faculty and staff at my school thought I was crazy, but I was willing to jump in with both feet and take the risk for my kids. So how was I going to get eighty 5-9 year olds to work together? I purchased your play and followed the directions. We love what you do and because of you guys I'm not musically timid anymore."

---Dot Kadet, After School Program Teacher, Demorist Elementary, Demorist, GA

"To any teacher who has not done a play - what are you waiting for? Bad Wolf Press has done the hard part for you!"

---Helen Erickson, Teacher (6th-8th grades,) Notre Dame-Peace, Warren, OH

"Your musical has fun and catchy tunes that the kids love. It was simple and had humor for everyone. The package had good advice for teachers. It's a fun way to boost self-confidence and to teach facts and concepts in a new way (they don't even know they're learning!). They get to see each other in new lights (literally)! And parents love it!!"

---Erin Groff, Teacher (3rd grade), Leola, PA

"The kids loved doing the play. I loved the idea of no real big costumes to put together!"

---Cathy Wendel, Teacher (5th grade), Standish-Sterling Middle School, Standish, MI

"I'm finishing up my second year of teaching, and as a rookie teacher I've got to make my principal, parents and students happy. I just finished up my third play this year. Yup, I did three plays. I kept it simple, and EVERYBODY loved them."

---Jennifer Vargas Teacher (7th-8th grades), Ophir Elementary, Newcastle, CA

"My district has very limited resources, so my students make their own name tags and we borrow or make simple costumes/props. I spend less than $20 for tagboard and yarn for the name tags for my cast of 150 students!!!"

--Vivian McAfee. Music Teacher (1st-5th grades), Tahoka Elementary, Tahoka, TX

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Student Motivation, Learning, and Creativity

"Plays help with motivation for reluctant readers. They help build fluency and they build vocabulary. I put this question to my 6th graders today and they said, 'it gives us a real reason to learn this stuff,' 'I'm teaching other people about these topics with my show,' 'I've learned a lot of new words,' and 'I got a new perspective about my character because I have to be him.' It has been amazing to see these students shine!

---Lisa Julian, Reading Teacher (6th grade) and After-School Theatre Program Teacher, Amanda Arnold Elementary, Manhattan, KS

"What I love most about your plays is that I don't really direct them. The kids learn the songs on their own. The 'choreography' (And boy is there choreography) seems to develop spontaneously during unsupervised recess practice sessions. Parents always step in to help with costumes and sets. Kids make changes and additions to the script, and reapportion stanzas of songs to other kids so that every body gets a reasonable number of solo lines. So thanks. I am a better teacher and our school is a more fun and varied place because of your creative work, and I am very grateful."

---Jay Garret-Larsen, Teacher (3rd grade), The Well School, Peterborough, NH

"I've been teaching for 24 years--- most of the time with below level readers and/or children whose first language isn't English. Their confidence is critical to successful reading and language. Too many years I was the only teacher doing class plays with these students and usually having to write my own. For the past three years we've done yours. I love them---my kids love them and they're simple and wonderful to do. Now I'll even buy them for my co-workers to try with their classes. I've never been disappointed and other classes beg to sign up for a time to see my annual May production. We can travel from class to class---no elaborate staging or fancy costumes are required. We usually just put characters on visors we wear and hand carry a few props. My kids even stay in at recess to help choreograph. Our students benefit immeasurably and if I were musically inclined I'd be begging to write plays with you. I love you guys and I'll probably be calling you again in March just to see what's new. I have three more years until retirement---I will do a show every year, then I'll just volunteer my time to do them with classes. Simple goal, but a good one!"

---Susan Salisbury, Teacher, (3rd grade), Jowell Elementary, Katy, TX

"Last year, when I began using your musicals across the curriculum, I had some unconfident students. A lot of them were special education students who were seen as outcasts or oddballs. The musicals opened up a whole new world for these students. They volunteered for solo parts, they were animated and lively on stage. Their whole perspective on school changed. Homework assignments started being turned in, other students started viewing them as people of talent and worth. They held their heads up high. It was one of those magical moments in your teaching career. It's been amazing. And so I say thank you, we just can't get enough of your work."

---Amanda Read, Teacher (4th/5th grade), Bear Lake, MI

"I contend that if teachers try just one Bad Wolf Press musical in their classrooms, they will be believers. The evidence of learning and community building is overwhelming when you see it firsthand."

---Laura Hill McDonald, Teacher, Wilton, IA

"Theater is non-existent in our school. Through this play, my first graders learned to retain information, work collaboratively, follow directions, use expression and perform in front of others. The play influenced active engagement and produced imaginative hands-on activities in a positive manner. Every type of personality shined in this play. The shyest of my students stood up and sang solos. Disruptive students learned about patience and self control. Students who struggled academically learned songs and dances and shined in front of peers, friends and families. One of my quietest girls did a solo - and blew her own parents away!"

---Laura Fleming, Teacher (1st grade), Fircrest Elementary, WA

"I have children afraid to speak in public, but after singing in the choir for one play they come back the next year and want a part—fear is gone. I have seen children grow in confidence and creativity during their time participating in a play. However, the BIGGEST job satisfaction for me was the year one student in 6th grade wanted to be in the play, but struggled a great deal with reading. We worked individually with him on his lines, using actions to help him memorize them. By the time we performed the play he was confident in his part and projected magnificently. His parents came to me after the last performance gushing with thanks for my work with him...he now WANTED to read because he saw a reason to do so. That makes it all so very worthwhile!"

---Karen Wesley, Teacher, Marion Homeschool Assistance Program, Marion, IA

"I teach in low income/high diversity schools. They rarely get the opportunity to become involved in any arts, especially in this economy and state of the schools' budgets. Bad Wolf Press makes it possible for the students to be successful in these productions. I am a BIG FAN!"

---Cathy Foxhoven, After School Enrichment, Burlingame Parks & Recreation, Broadway By The Bay, CA

"I've had numerous students whose opinions of THEMSELVES have changed after doing a play! Students who previously felt down on themselves have a reason to be proud, and parents who are constantly harping on behavior of overactive kiddos, or parents who come down too hard on kids for not earning the top grade when that child is doing all he/she can to get Bs and Cs, are so proud to see their child up there, and sometimes you can tell it's the first time the child has ever felt successful in their parents' eyes! I have many students who go on to be in drama in middle school and high school, and often I get invited to all of the middle school plays by excited former students. I love helping them find a niche."

---Jeanie Nowak, Teacher (4th grade), Franklin Elementary School, Redlands, CA

"Plays give students the opportunity to read aloud with expression, hone memorization skills, and just have fun with curriculum and/ or important life skills. If learning isn't memorable then what's the point?"

---Nanci Clark, Teacher (5th-6th grades), Cesar Chavez Academy, Corona, CA

"Doing plays increases confidence in students. This confidence is not just in doing the play, but it crosses over into all parts of the students' lives. I assign parts and remind students that learning to do hard things helps them learn that they can do hard things. In the end, they surprise themselves (and sometimes me) in what they can do."

---Machelle Rogers, Teacher (5th grade), Rosamond Elementary, Riverton, UT

"The songs were a real hit with the actors and audience. I was amazed at how quickly the students knew the words. And weeks, months, after the shows, they would just start singing the songs, on field trips and end of year picnics!"

---Bob Maher, Teacher (4th grade), New Albany School, Linnaminson, NJ

"It included all the children throughout the performance. They were all stars! The children were able to utilize their listening, speaking, and reading skills and strategies that we directly teach throughout the year, not to mention the bolstering of self-esteem, cooperation, delayed gratification, and feeling of accomplishment. Also it gave our 'other than paper/pencil learners' a chance to shine. And it was something very cool to show to parents!"

---Jeanne Newbury, Teacher (1st grade), Oakley Park Elementary, Walled Lake, MI

"The thing I love about your plays is that every child gets to participate and is on stage throughout the play!"

--Kathy Wilbur, Teacher (4th grade), Prairie Elementary, Sacramento, CA

"Our 4th graders performed 13 Colonies last year for the intermediate grades. My 4th graders this year have been asking when they get to do 'their' play, so we're anxious to start on the Thanksgiving show while the excitement is so ripe! I've also shared information with our 5th grade teachers who were most impressed with last year's show and are interested in finding shows to accompany their curriculum. What wonderful materials you've shared with us as educators and our students! Bravo!"

---Linda Clements, Teacher (4th grade) Brunswich Elementary, Brunswick, MD

"These musicals are easily incorporated into Whole Group Reading. They are highly motivating and 'do-able.' Musically talented students had the opportunity to shine. My students loved the songs---they would sing them at recess and even months after the play. And their 'choppy' reading becomes more fluent when they read a play or when they must follow the beat of a song. The sense of pride in their accomplishment (and their parents' pride) is phenomenal!"

---Cindy Newton, Teacher (1st grade), Connersville, IN

"I do a play because I love music and dance and want to share that with my students. Even my shy kids benefit from performing in the chorus and it lets everyone tap into their creative side. We usually start learning the songs about the same time we're cramming for the state tests, so singing and being goofy in the afternoons is a great stress reliever for the kids. Even the more difficult students try harder to keep their behavior in line because they don't want to get booted from the play."

---Nancy Hopkins, Teacher (2nd grade), Fremont Elementary School, Fremont, CA

"It really motivated our students to do the reading. It also gave them a chance to speak and learn about public speaking. We had students who wouldn't miss a day because they didn't want to miss play practice (we actually had to send two kids home sick!)."

---Cindy Olafson, Teacher (2nd grade), Bilbray Elementary School, NV

"All children benefit from doing plays. The increased reading, writing, vocabulary, expression, confidence and fluency cannot be beat. It's a wonderful motivator for good behavior. In addition, the entire school benefits, whether as participants or audience, everyone enjoys and learns. Finally, what an incredible way to improve parent involvement. I have been doing your plays for four years now and always play to a packed house."

---Marleni Llenin, Teacher (3rd grade), Westchester Hills School 29, Yonkers, NY

"I love the connection students feel to the 'ownership' of THEIR play. They are so thrilled to take charge and responsibility of not only presenting the play to our whole school, but to their families as well. The WHOLE experience of the play is very real to all of the students involved; it becomes an experience they never forget. We end our school year, each year, with a Bad Wolf musical play. It is always the highlight of my year and of my students' as well.

---Kimberly Sowvlen, Teacher (3rd grade), San Miguel Elementary School, Lemon Grove, CA

"Teachers and students are truly missing out if they do not include their students in at least one production every year, as they serve to improve language skills (especially those of EL students) and create an educational, worthwhile experience for all pupils. In fact, I have had many students come back years later to share their memory of being Theseus, Agnes, Hailey, etc. I have yet to have a student return to my classroom years later and fondly remember that fun standardized test that I gave! Not being musically inclined, or having any theater training, I would not be able to have my students involved in musical theater if it was not for your wonderful plays."

---Paula Obermeyer, Teacher (6th grade), Lake Forest Elementary School, Lake Forest, CA

"This year I let a few of my students choose the play. They enjoyed listening to the songs. I think the rock and roll style of the music really appealed to them. They boys especially are really into adding movement, such as playing air instruments."

---Lynne Le Forge, Teacher (1st, 2nd and 3rd grades), Sycamore Elementary, Claremont, CA

"Fun tunes, good lines, a great way to teach concepts---the children were very excited and enthusiastic. Everyone has talents---frequently those thought to have learning problems excel in the arts. Multiple Intelligence theory supports learning through music and movement."

---Holly Reiling, Teacher (4th grade), Wetzel Elementary, Baumholder, Germany

"The shows are fast-paced, fun, and both kid and teacher friendly. Putting on these plays builds a sense of accomplishment and cooperation, and provides an opportunity for students to express their creativity and talents."

---Loree Hanson, Teacher (2nd grade), Waubun Elementary, Waubun, MN

"Your plays are absolutely perfect! Nobody could stop me from doing one every year. They let the shy kids break out of their shell and gain confidence. For the kids who are born actors, well, they are in absolute heaven. I love you guys!"

---Terri Anderson, Teacher, (grade 5), Burnettsville, IN

"As always, we love your work! I'm an elementary school music teacher, and my kids always want to know what plays we get to do. When my third graders perform Pirates from Grammar Island, I always get at least one parent that tells me they wished they'd learned the parts of speech like that, since they'd have remembered it then! Great work folks!"

---Alicia Feazell, Music Teacher (1st-5th grades), Deer Creek Elementary, Cedar Park, TX

"Memorization is nearly effortless due to the catchy music and lyrics."

---Lynne Le Forge, Teacher (1st-3rd grades), Sycamore Elementary, Claremont, CA

"Our Bad Wolf Press shows are always the highlight of the school year--they truly are invaluable. We NEED you in our schools."

---Emily Korrell, Teacher (2nd-3rd grades), Manor School, Fairfax, CA

"My students love these musicals. Months after the performances, they ask to sing the songs again and/or I hear them singing on the bus or playground. I often have middle school students tell me that the plays helped them on state tested material."

---Vivian McAfee, Music Teacher (1st-5th grades), Tahoka Elementary, Tahoka, TX

"I"ve been doing Bad Wolf Press musicals in my room for probably 10 years. When we begin, I always get a couple of grumbles from the kids about having to do a musical. By the end the grumblers are usually the most excited ones."

---Andrea Hitchcock, Teacher (3rd grade), Lakeside Elementary, Chisago City, MN

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"ALL students regardless of their ethnicity, background, ability or academics can participate 100% in a program like this. I am moved to tears each year as I see my non-verbal English language learners standing next to my GATE students equally proud of the program they have presented to their audiences. It is a beautiful gift given to the students as well at to their teachers and their families. I'll keep doing this as long as administrators provide my kids with a stage to sing, dance and act upon."

---Kimberly Sowvlen, Teacher (3rd grade), San Miguel Elementary School, Lemon Grove, CA

"I think the most important aspect of doing the play is that it gives students a chance to shine in an area that they are strong in. For example, I have a special education student who has difficulty in many academic areas and has low self-esteem as a result. She is, however, an amazing singer and performer. In the Hatshepsut play, she played the part of Tutmosois III and had the only solo song in the play and she nailed it! I knew she was the only one who could handle that solo and boy did she! She was beaming and so proud of herself! She has now chosen to do her research project on Tutmosis III. In school, we tend to honor the strengths of those who are linguistic or logical mathematical. These plays allow musical, kinesthestic and spatial kids to shine as well."

"I'm finding that the experience is totally GREAT for all aspects of speech practice for English language learners! The fun and performance aspects really get them engaged and enthusiastic. There's something tangible to work towards -- a very REAL reason to enunciate clearly.
We're all having a great time with the play, and I overheard one of the students the other day saying, 'The songs are so catchy, it's easy to learn them.' (Who knew they understood 'catchy'!)"

---Belinda Maso, Teacher (5th grade), Yanbu International School, Yanbu, Saudi Arabia

"It was a fantastic experience and a great show. And it was also a learning experience for my performers (all of whom have autism, developmental disabilities, behavioral disablities, etc.). I think it will be good for special ed and music ed teachers to know that your materials are accessible to their students. It took lots of work, but everyone worked like troopers, and WOW! We just performed it to a standing ovation!"

---Carol Cultin, Pyramid Incorporated, Pensacola, FL

"I wanted to let you know that one of the best things about the play was that we were able to have our special education students be a part of it, and the parents really appreciated that."

---Seema Rauf, Teacher (3rd grade), Mill Creek Towne Elementary, Gaithersburg, MD

"I just got done doing Vacation on Mars with my kids and it never ceases to amaze me how much they love it, how much they need it! Almost all my kids are second language speakers, and they were the best at this play that I have ever had."

---Deborah Gomes, Teacher (3rd grade), Lincoln School, Santa Rosa, CA

"Our two classroom consisted of twenty regular education students and ten special education students (all second grade). At first it seemed overwhelming, but after much practice and patience, it all came together and surpassed our expectations."

---Carole Gallo and Brenda McWilliams, Teachers (2nd grade -- general and special education), Heath Brook Elementary, Tewksbury, MA

"The plays are flexible enough to allow ALL students to have a speaking part and to shine. The parts are easy to learn and fun. All students (regular ed, LD, speech, ESOL, and OHI) were able to have a successful moment in the spotlight."

---Katherine Hawkins, NBCT, Teacher (2nd grade), Brushy Creek Elementary, Taylors, SC

"We have an ESL program at our school and many of our students were new to English. My goodness they were great."

---Betty Carlson, Teacher (5th grade), Westview Elementary, Champaign, IL

"I had an autistic student who wanted to play the prince (one of the main roles) in Character Matters. He was very shy and I wasn't sure how it would go, but he really really wanted that part so I let him. He was outstanding! I can't even put to words how amazing your play is for my class as a whole! They just seem to come together, support each other, and shine in their own ways."

---Toni LaMasa, Teacher (2nd grade), Calahan Elementary, Northridge, CA

"The children I taught had very little experience with live theater, could not afford private music or dance lessons, and many were second language learners. I realized how important it was to introduce performing arts into the classroom and into their lives.

"I have to tell you my 'star' was a very shy third grader who spoke very little English. He stumbled by eventually learned how to read very difficult words, memorized his lines, and delivered them like a real pro. I watched how he blossomed with new confidence and learned quite a few new words during those few months of rehearsal."

---Lynn Shaw, Teacher, Hueneme School District, Port Hueneme, CA

"I have 21 students in my gifted/high achiever class. They wanted to be involved so much that they added parts. Students stayed in during lunch to create and build sets. Other students started recording their vocal performances on the computer to play back and hear how it sounded. I was so impressed by them!"

---Lara Haley, Teacher (4th grade, gifted/high achievers), Manatee Bay Elementary, Weston, FL

"We performed this play with self-contained Special Education students from ages seven to eleven. We utilized regular education students to help with the script and stage. Together we made it work."

---Betty Smock, Teacher (1st-5th grades), Monroe School, Casey, IL

"All the kids, even one who was severely disabled, were able to learn all the songs and feel good about their performances. The teacher only had 18 students, but had enough strong readers for the narration. Everybody sang."

---Rich Howell, Founder, EnRiching Education, Nevada City, CA

"We have a large population of ELL students, as well as students who are not designated ELL but who speak a language other than English at home. Hearing the same lines over and over helps them hear language patterns. Getting to say the same lines over and over gives them confidence speaking! Planning (and laughing) with people in the same section of the play they are in allows them to practice conversational English in a low stress, high interest way! Plays also aid in comprehension because they can also 'see' what they are hearing."

---Karen O'Hara Green, Teacher (4th grade), Lynwood Elementary School, Novato, CA

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What Principals Say

"The plays were the best purchase I made at the conference and I would highly recommend them to anyone. The parents, students, and staff at Lantrip Elementary were amazed at how well the students performed."

---Joyce Turkall, Principal, Lantrip Elementary, Houston, TX

"It went over so well, the principal and superintendent want us to go on the road to the Senior Center in our town."

---Carole Gallo and Brenda McWilliams, Teachers (2nd grade -- general/special education), Heath Brook Elementary, Tewksbury, MA

"I am just amazed at the information in twenty-five minutes of hysterical fun. I imagine that you will remember much of this for a long time."

---Martha Huntl, Principal, Mount Lebanon School, West Lebanon, NH

"Everyone loved loved loved the show - especially our principal, who was loudly cracking up the entire show...the songs, humor, lines, it was all just perfect!"

---Annie Mergott, Show Director (5th grade), Thomas B. Conley School, Asbury, NJ

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Customer Service

"This is exactly what I was looking for in a publisher. In an effort to keep our elementary drama productions simple and educational and fun I found a treasure when I discovered you during an on-line search!"

--Karen Wesley, Teacher (3rd-6th grade), Marion Home School Assistance Program, Marion, IA

"Your customer service was perfect! I made a mistake on my order and you called me to ask if I wanted to change the order."

--Jean Watts, Teacher (3rd grade), Christ the King School, South Bend, IN

"Bad Wolf Press is a very customer-friendly company to work with, and the products are outstanding!"

---Gina Rafael, Teacher (6th grade), Leal Elementary, Cerritos, CA

"Excellent customer service! I enjoyed talking to you. Above and beyond!"

---Justin Harper, Teacher (3rd grade), James Love and Jefferson Elementary, Shelby, NC

"Everything was easy to find online. I loved being able to sample the script and songs before we purchased!"

---Julie Bookwalter, Teacher (K-6th), UC Irvine Extended Day Center, Irvine, CA

"Ordering was simple and I received just what I expected. The personal touches were nice!"

---Julie Sheffer, Teacher (5th grade), Clark Elementary, Paducah, KY

"YES, YES, YES! Your service has been quick, and I love that I can call you if I have a question."

---Kathi Byington, Teacher (3rd grade), Aspen Elementary, Thousand Oaks, CA

"Customer service is always great. Helpful and expedient!"

---Roe Stonekins, Teacher (4th-6th grades), Midland Elementary, Floral, AR

"You guys are fabulous! I always get what I want, when I want it."

---Jennifer Vargas, Teacher (7th-8th grades), Ophir Elementary, Newcastle, CA

"Your service is great!"

---Susan Irving, Teacher (3rd-5th grades), Redlands First United Methodist Church, Redlands, CA

"Super -- always helpful. I won't look to do plays from anyone else but you!"

---Ronni Harvith, Teacher (5th grade), Fields Road Elementary, Gaithersburg, MD

"Everything was self-explanatory. Thanks for an awesome play."

---Amanda Weedon, Teacher (4th grade), Piedmont Community Charter School, Gastonia, NC

"Excellent. There was always prompt response to questions."

---Betty Smock, Teacher (1st-5th grades), Monroe School, Casey, IL

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How Much Fun!

"Bad Wolf plays are the best thing of the day for the students."

---Ruth Kenney, Teacher (3rd grade), Terrace Park Elementary, Mountlake Terrace, WA

"Keep doing what you do. You provide the stuff that learning and childhood memories are made of! Thank you!"

---Delphine Demauro, Drama Club Director, St. James Catholic School, Savannah, GA

"I'm a Bad Wolf girl for life---thanks for giving me such good material to work with!"

---Ashleigh Winkie, Teacher (2nd grade), Big Creek Elementary, Cumming, GA

"The scenes are funny. That's the highest compliment I can pay. Funny is the most difficult thing to write and Bad Wolf succeeds."

---Suzanne Collins, Theater Teacher (4th-5th grades), Los Angeles Unified School District, CA

"As a full-time drama teacher at a performing arts magnet school I have a lot of pressure put on me to have students perform. There is very little material out there that is at elementary level and involves 30 students. Every seven week rotation I am requested to do another one of these musicals. This month I am having two shows! I have done them with kindergarten through fifth grade. Keep up the great work."

---Teri Ang, Teacher (Elementary Drama), Valencia Park School, San Diego, CA

"My staff loves your plays and I think that our school of 649 students has done just about every play that you offer. They are indeed teacher and student friendly."

---Wendy Carson, Teacher (1st grade), Condit Elementary School, Claremont, CA

"The plays are clever, funny, entertaining and very educational. And the music is fantastic. Bad Wolf is awesome!"

---Nancy Myers, Vieja Valley School, Santa Barbara, CA

"I appreciate how adaptable the musicals are - easily adjusted to meet my kids' needs. My students love the humor, and so does the audience. And the songs are fantastic!"

---Teri Haines, Teacher (5th/6th grades), Bethel Elementary School, Bethel, VT

"In 28 years of teaching I haven't had more fun in the classroom! Your material is so clever and well written that the children and I didn't get tired of it, even after ten performances. You have produced the same quality that the best children's literature has --- something for everyone, children and adults. There is always something more to "get" with each review. Thank you, thank you."

---Buff Gontier, Teacher (2nd grade), Valentine School, San Marino, CA

"Another teacher and I share a music mentor position at our school. As part of our mentor project, we purchased most of your musicals for our school. Last year I decided to try one of them in my classroom as a model to the other teachers of how simple a musical is to produce. It is not necessary to battle the schedules for the multi-purpose room or mess with microphones and elaborate costumes. Being a music education major and involved in the production of many children's musicals, I especially appreciate the way you build success into your accompaniment. The musical cues, the well-timed pauses, the accessible pitch range, etc. All of these things make for a masterful production that the children will remember for a lifetime. Probably the most rewarding thing for me were the following comments by other teachers:
1) By a new teacher--- 'Just when I think I'm getting it together, I run into a teacher who raises the bar.'
2) From a teacher nearing retirement--- 'I've got to change my ways. I think I'll try one of those next year.'
3) From a mom who is a teacher in another district--- 'Do you share? That would be great for my little LEP kids.' (I gave her one of your catalogs).
Thank you very much."

---Linda McCutcheon, Teacher (2nd grade), Patterson Road School, Santa Maria, CA

"Your shows promote learning for the performer, director, and audience, and are critical in the psychological and social development of young adolescents. Students learned to work together to accomplish the goal of a unique performance that would capture the imagination, attention, and wonder of the audience. These plays allowed the sense of self esteem, humor, and worth of each child to blossom and sometimes even explode. Each child realized a place of vital importance to the success of the whole! You are an answer to my prayers! Your honesty in the description of your creations is most appreciated. Keep sharing your gifts and talents! Thanks!"

---Jane Aikens, Teacher (5th-8th grades), St. Maria Goretti School, Schiller Park, IL

"Students enjoy being in plays so much that they don't realize they are learning. They don't quickly forget something they've sung or lines they've memorized. Putting on a play is the most enjoyable way to teach a unit at the end of the school year!"

---Lori Whittle, Teacher (4th grade), Indian Creek School, Placerville, CA

"The kids love the music, I love the music, the parents love it."

---Donald Uthmeier, Teacher (1st-6th grades), Stratford Public Schools, Stratford, WI

"I have taught elementary music forever! (33 years). I began using your plays about 6 or 7 years ago. There are so many things I like: singability, cleverness both in lyrics, plot and music, challenging vocabulary, humor for the adults, adaptability, easy to order and quick shipping to name a few. Thanks for great material."

---Vivian McAfee, Music Teacher (1st-5th grades), Tahoka Elementary, Tahoka, TX

"The students always love doing the plays and the parents love watching their children perform. Thanks for all of your great plays!"

---Paul Souza, Teacher (3rd grade), Arcata Elementary, Arcata, CA

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