"Government & Citizenship: How Democracy Came to the Beehive" Musical Play by Bad Wolf Press

Musical Play: "Government & Citizenship" (GOVT-PL)

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Seattle, WA


  • perfect%20for%20fourth%20grade
  • easy%20to%20create%20costumes%20and%20sets
  • catchy%20songs

Bee Government

Songs are very catchy. Dialogue is easy to follow. Humor crosses generations. Easy to use. Easy to create costumes and stage.

The end seemed a little abrupt. We added the following lines to the announcer:

"We interrupt this program for one more important announcement. Our class wanted to end this production with a big bear coming in and eating the hive.

But Mrs. Wilson said, “NO”.

So then we suggested the queen sending a post card saying she’d changed her mind. The bees would keep their monarchy.

But Mrs. Wilson said, “NO”

Finally we thought we should have a cardboard cut out of Donald Trump. Joey wanted the bees to sting him.

Once again, Mrs. Wilson said…… (pause) “NO!”

So instead we are ending our production with the way it was written. With a song about citizenship. You see, government exists of the people, for the people and by the people. That’s you and me… citizens.

So sit back and enjoy our last number, Good Citizens!"




Great content, great learning experiences.

Glendale, CA


  • Catchy tunes
  • solid civics content

The Beehive is a Winner!

Another wonderful musical from Bad Wolf Press - perfect for third grade! Dramatic device of bees needing to choose a new form of government for their hive enables the other characters (e.g., spiders, owls, branches) to teach the audience while teaching the bees. Clever script contains many teaching opportunities (e.g., word play, academic/content vocabulary) and humor appeals to audiences of all ages, from "here's the buzz" for kindergarteners to "that's been tried --- it's called Berkeley" for their parents. Ensemble format gives every student their moment in the spotlight. You can't go wrong with The Beehive!

Reviews 1-3 of 3