"The Emperors New Clothes" Musical Play

Musical Play: "The Emperor's New Clothes" (EMPO-PL)

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The Emperor's New Clothes

My 4th graders really enjoyed doing this play. The songs were funny (especially "Ive Got to Do it") and repetitive enough so that the kids could easily learn the melodies. A couple of comments: The main idea of the story has been somewhat altered in that none of the Emperor's servants are allowed to see the clothes, either. In the original story, the point was that nobody wanted to be thought a fool or be fired, so they all pretended to see the clothes. So I wrote some additional dialogue so that the servants get in to see the "clothes" and then tell the Emperor how great they look. In addition, I wrote some lines for the Palace Workers and the Servants to say before their songs. We made a sandwich board sign that said "Censored" for the Emperor to wear when he walks in the parade, which was very funny. One other point - the recording is a bit dodgy, especially the first number. The volume was quite soft for some reason.

Reviews 1-1 of 1