Bad Wolf Plays for Special Education

Bad Wolf plays have been performed successfully by students with a huge spectrum of learning challenges and disabilities. Give them a chance to rise to the occasion and they will!

Here's why Bad Wolf plays work so well for special education students:

  • Everyone shines. Students of all talents and abilities can shine in a musical play. Often it's the nontraditional learners who dazzle their classmates and audiences the most.
  • Increased pride and self-esteem. Students who are often told "you can't" suddenly see that they can. Participation in a play can transform a student's outlook on school and him/herself.
  • Boosts classroom camaraderie and crosses learning barriers. Plays bring classrooms together! All students must come together to achieve a common goal. Teamwork, cooperation, and friendships blossom.
  • Edit as you see fit. We welcome you to cut or modify material from the show to suit your class's abilities.


Reviews from Teachers of Special Education Students:

"Last year, when I began using your musicals across the curriculum, I had some unconfident students. A lot of them were special education students who were seen as outcasts or oddballs. The musicals opened up a whole new world for these students. They volunteered for solo parts, they were animated and lively on stage. Their whole perspective on school changed. Homework assignments started being turned in, other students started viewing them as people of talent and worth. They held their heads up high. It was one of those magical moments in your teaching career. It's been amazing. And so I say thank you, we just can't get enough of your work."

---Amanda Read, Teacher (4th/5th grade), Bear Lake, MI

"I think the most important aspect of doing the play is that it gives students a chance to shine in an area that they are strong in. For example, I have a special education student who has difficulty in many academic areas and has low self-esteem as a result. She is, however, an amazing singer and performer. She played the part of Tutmosois III in Hatshepsut and had the only solo song in the play and she nailed it! I knew she was the only one who could handle that solo and boy did she! She was beaming and so proud of herself! She has now chosen to do her research project on Tutmosis III. In school, we tend to honor the strengths of those who are linguistic or logical mathematical. These plays allow musical, kinesthestic and spatial kids to shine as well."

---Belinda Maso, Teacher (5th grade), Yanbu International School, Yanbu, Saudi Arabia

"It was a fantastic experience and a great show. And it was also a learning experience for my performers (all of whom have autism, developmental disabilities, behavioral disablities, etc.). I think it will be good for special ed and music ed teachers to know that your materials are accessible to their students. It took lots of work, but everyone worked like troopers, and WOW! We just performed it to a standing ovation!"

---Carol Cultin, Pyramid Incorporated, Pensacola, FL

"I had an autistic student who wanted to play the prince (one of the main roles) in Character Matters. He was very shy and I wasn't sure how it would go, but he really really wanted that part so I let him. He was outstanding! I can't even put to words how amazing your play is for my class as a whole! They just seem to come together, support each other, and shine in their own ways."

---Toni LaMasa, Teacher (2nd grade), Calahan Elementary, Northridge, CA

"One of my students was diagnosed with autism and I was nervous about how he was going to react during the performance. Facing a full house can be nerve-racking for everyone - let alone my poor boy! He was playing one of the Winkies in Munchkin Mediation but would not come up on stage at first. I am delighted to say that not only did he get up there confidently, but also acted his part, sang the song and danced the choreography that we had made up for it! It was truly the top point of my carrier as an educator and all that thanks to YOU! Thank you for all the amazing musical plays you have provided us with."

---Maria Zark, Teacher (grade 5), American International School of Lagos Prek

"All the kids, even one who was severely disabled, were able to learn all the songs and feel good about their performances."

---Rich Howell, Founder, EnRiching Education, Nevada City, CA

"I wanted to let you know that one of the best things about the play was that we were able to have our special education students be a part of it, and the parents really appreciated that."

---Seema Rauf, Teacher (3rd grade), Mill Creek Towne Elementary, Gaithersburg, MD

"Our two classroom consisted of twenty regular education students and ten special education students (all second grade). At first it seemed overwhelming, but after much practice and patience, it all came together and surpassed our expectations."

---Carole Gallo and Brenda McWilliams, Teachers (2nd grade -- general and special education), Heath Brook Elementary, Tewksbury, MA

"The plays are flexible enough to allow ALL students to have a speaking part and to shine. The parts are easy to learn and fun. All students (regular ed, LD, speech, ESOL, and OHI) were able to have a successful moment in the spotlight."

---Katherine Hawkins, NBCT, Teacher (2nd grade), Brushy Creek Elementary, Taylors, SC

"This was a life-transforming event for my special needs students."

---Nancy Elder, Teacher (2nd grade) Paloma School, Temecula, CA

Are you a special education teacher who has used a Bad Wolf play? We would love to hear from you! Please email us your story.