Bad Wolf Plays for Home Schools and Co-ops

A growing number of home school co-ops have been raving about our plays! Home school providers often have more time and flexibility than classroom teachers, making it possible to harness the kids' creativity and theatrical talents in a way that really takes our shows to the next level.

Here's why Bad Wolf plays work so well for home school organizations:

  • Flexible casting. Our shows work with as few as 11 actors, and you can pare down the script/songs even more if needed.
  • Everyone can be involved. Students of mixed grades and levels can participate, including younger siblings.
  • Extra room for creativity. Bring out the talents of your students! You can easily add musicians and dancers to the show, not to mention set and costume designers.
  • Edit as you see fit. We welcome you to add, cut, or modify material from the show to suit your class size, curriculum, and audience.
  • No music or drama experience required. You don't have to sing or play a note -- the included CD makes it possible for anyone to put on a musical!


Reviews from Home School Teachers/Directors:

"I teach a 'History through Drama' class at our home school co-op at Heritage Christian School. I have bought tons of historical scripts but never before have I seen a script like 13 Colonies! My students never had so much fun!!! The schools and retirement homes where we performed raved about the show! We only had 13 kids in the class (5th-10th graders) and they did amazingly well at playing two or three characters each. The dialogue and songs were so funny that the audiences laughed throughout the musical. We added dancing to the 'One Lump or Two' song and the kids and audiences loved it. We did this play in only four weeks. Thank you so much for making this wonderful musical!!! You have blessed us so much! Looking forward to buying more of your scripts in the years to come."

---Susan Foster, Teacher, Heritage Christian School Home School Co-op, San Diego, CA

"This was my first experience in over 30 years directing a musical. The balance of lines between the characters, the great sense of humor, and the open opportunity to allow the students to be creative was refreshing and simple. The music was easy to play for some middle school pianists, simply written and easy to read. There was plenty of room for improvisation with just the chords and melody given. The tunes were catchy -- the siblings of those in the play were singing them too!"

---Karen Wesley, Teacher (3rd-6th grade), Marion Home School Assistance Program, Marion, IA

Are you a home school provider who has used a Bad Wolf play? We would love to hear from you! Please email us your story.