"Munchkin Mediation: Conflict Resolution in Oz" Musical Play
    • 35-minute musical play for grades 3-7
    • Includes the script, teacher's guide, and audio recording (which contains a vocal and instrumental version of each song)
    • Simple to do - no music or drama experience needed!

    It’s one year later and all the famous characters have returned to Oz. They’ve been having trouble readjusting, and their quarrels have led to the throwing of more than one yellow brick. With the usual memorable tunes and silly humor, Munchkin Mediation introduces and reinforces strategies for controlling anger, using “I-statements,” active listening, sharing perspectives, and finding win-win solutions to conflict.

    Please scroll down to read the script, listen to the songs, read reviews, and get all the details about the play (plot, curriculum/content, educational standards, and vocabulary).

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    Perhaps it’s no surprise that the Good Witch and Wicked Witch (yes, she’s back in solid form!) still don’t get along. But the Tin Man and Lion can’t agree on anything either, and even Dorothy and Toto are barking at each other. They’ve come back to the Munchkins, experts on conflict resolution, to learn how to solve their problems.

    Munchkin Mediation is a great complement to your curriculum resources in character education and problem-solving. And, like all of our plays, this show can be used to improve reading, vocabulary, reading comprehension, performance and music skills, class camaraderie and teamwork, and numerous social skills (read about it!) -- all while enabling students to be part of a truly fun and creative experience they will never forget!

    Publication Information

    Author: Ron Fink (Composer) and John Heath (Book and Lyrics)
    ISBN: 978-1-886588-51-6
    © 2010 Bad Wolf Press, LLC

    Song Samples

    Full Song List

    1. “Conflict Resolution”
    2. “You Gotta Calm Down”
    3. “When You Do X”
    4. “Don’t Interrupt”
    5. “I See Your Point of View”
    6. “You Cannot Run Away”
    7. “Win-Win”
    8. “Write for Yourself”
    9. “Follow Through”
    10. “Conflict Resolution” (reprise)


    Flexible casting from 11-40 students. Use as many Munchkins, Flying Monkeys, etc. in each
    scene as desired. One student can easily play several roles if needed, and
    individual roles can be doubled up. Note that all roles can be played by
    either boys or girls; see our comments on page 38 of the Teacher’s Guide.



    Munchkins (3)
    Wicked Witch of the East
    Flying Monkeys (4)
    Wicked Witch of the West
    Good Witch of the North
    Tin Woodsman
    Winkies (3)

    and a CHORUS composed of all students who are not playing
    roles on stage at the time.

      Song 1 - Listen now!

    (CLASS gathers on stage. music begins. Individual students
    step forward and speak.)

    STUDENT A (spoken in loud, clear voice):
    You all know the story
    How Scarecrow got a brain
    Lion got some courage
    The witch went down the drain.

    STUDENT B (spoken in loud, clear voice):
    Dorothy’s back in Kansas
    Tin Woodman has a heart
    Think that’s where it ended?
    No—that is just the start.

    ’Cause one year later
    They’re fighting tooth and claws
    One year later
    They’ve all come back to Oz…
    Because they need some
    Conflict Resolution
    Munchkins know it all
    Conflict Resolution
    Munchkins stand up tall.

    STUDENT C (spoken in loud, clear voice):
    Dorothy snaps at Toto
    And Toto barks right back
    Lion and Tin Woodman
    Are mad and talking smack.

    STUDENT D (spoken in loud, clear voice):
    Scarecrow’s throwing tantrums
    The wizard has a twitch
    There are restraining orders
    On every single witch.

    ’Cause one year later
    They’re fighting tooth and claws
    One year later
    They’ve all come back to Oz…
    Because they need some
    Conflict Resolution
    Munchkins know it all
    Conflict Resolution
    Munchkins stand up tall.

    Conflict Resolution
    Munchkins know it all
    Conflict Resolution
    Munchkins stand up…

    Conflict Resolution
    Munchkins know it all
    Conflict Resolution
    Munchkins stand up tall.
    They stand up tall
    They stand up tall
    Tall, tall, tall, tall
    Tall, tall, tall, tall.

    (TWO MUNCHKINS are talking to each other. Another
    MUNCHKIN (#1) runs on stage towards them, excited.)

    MUNCHKIN #1: Hey, have you heard? Dorothy’s come back to Oz! She’s here
    right now in Munchkin Country.

    MUNCHKIN #2: Toto too?

    MUNCHKIN #1: Toto too.

    MUNCHKIN #2: Man, I HATE that dog.

    MUNCHKIN #3: You can’t hate Toto. Nobody hates Toto. He’s the cutest dog

    MUNCHKIN #2: Cute? He thought I was a chew toy.

    MUNCHKIN #3: That was an accident.

    MUNCHKIN #2: An accident! He tried to bury me in the back yard.

    MUNCHKIN #1: Would you guys listen up? ALL the old Oz folks have come back.
    They’re having troubles and need to learn how to solve their problems.

    MUNCHKIN #3 (proudly): Well, we Munchkins ARE the world’s experts in
    conflict resolution.

    MUNCHKIN #2 (looking off stage): Hey, who’s that? It’s not Dorothy or her
    pit bull, is it?

    MUNCHKIN #1: No, it’s the Wicked Witch of the East.

    (WICKED WITCH of the EAST enters. She is represented
    by Two Actors, each of whom holds one of her legs in front
    of him/her—they ARE the legs. The Actors take turns speaking
    her lines.)

    WICKED WITCH OF THE EAST: Well, don’t just stand there staring.

    MUNCHKIN #3: Sorry. But you’re, uh, well…you look like two legs.

    WICKED WITCH of the EAST: I AM two legs. That’s all that’s left—I was the
    victim of a hit and run house. Now I’ve returned to punish that little brat
    who landed her bedroom on me.

    MUNCHKIN #1: You can’t really blame Dorothy for that.

    WICKED WITCH OF THE EAST: Oh I can’t, can’t I? I’m a witch. It’s my job to
    cackle a lot and go after innocent little girls from Kansas.

    MUNCHKIN #2: That’s a cool job.

    WICKED WITCH OF THE EAST: And it’s got a nice 401k. But it’s hard to enjoy
    retirement when you’ve been FLATTENED. I’m going to get even with that
    reckless little twit. I’ll teach her to drive a house without a license.

    MUNCHKIN #3: I can understand why you might be upset.

    WICKED WITCH OF THE EAST: UpSET?! I’m not upset. I’m irate! I’m furious!!
    I’m PEEVED!!!

    MUNCHKIN #1: You’ve got to settle down. The first step in managing conflict
    is to calm down. Take a big breath. Go on.

    (WICKED WITCH OF THE EAST takes a giant breath.)

    MUNCHKIN #2: There. That’s better, isn’t it?

    MUNCHKIN #3: Are you still mad?

      Song 2 - Listen now!

    Am I mad?
    Well let’s see—
    Someone dropped a house on me!
    And nothing nothing nothing but my feet were sticking out.

    Sure I’m mad
    I see red
    There’s a farmhouse on my head!
    It makes me want to cast a spell and punch and kick and shout!

    You gotta calm down
    You gotta calm down
    Gotta keep two feet upon the ground
    There is no doubt
    To work things out
    Take a big breath ’cause you gotta calm down.

    But I’m mad
    And I’m back
    And I’m on that felon’s track
    I’m gonna search until I find that creep
    who stole my shoes.

    When I do
    I’ll show grace…
    Drop a condo on her face
    It’s time that stinkin’ rotten little Dorothy paid her dues.

    You gotta calm down
    You gotta calm down
    Gotta keep two feet upon the ground
    There is no doubt
    To work things out
    Take a big breath ’cause you gotta calm down.
    Take a big breath…ah…’cause you gotta calm down.

    WICKED WITCH OF THE EAST (spoken): I see your point. I’ve got to calm down
    before I can solve any problems.

    MUNCHKIN #1: Try counting.


    MUNCHKIN #2: Until you feel your anger has cooled.

    MUNCHKIN #3: Or until you pass out.

    WICKED WITCH OF THE EAST: Okay, I’ll give it a try.
    (SHE starts to exit, counting slowly; she gets mad towards
    end of line)
    One…two—two legs, which is all I have because of THAT LITTLE…
    (catches herself)
    Er…three…four…five—five toes on two legs and no fingers because THAT SNEAKY
    (catches herself, starts over)
    Uh…one, two, three, four…

    MUNCHKIN #1: I’m not sure the counting is going to do it.


    MONKEY #1: Did someone say something about counting?

    MONKEY #2: We LOVE math.

    MUNCHKIN #2: What are you flying monkeys doing here? Aren’t you supposed to
    be flying or something?

    MONKEY #3: We were. But we heard you talking numbers. Are you going to do
    some algebra?

    ALL THREE MONKEYS: Flying Monkeys LOVE algebra.

    MONKEY #1 (with enthusiasm): If Monkey X is flying east at 40 miles an

    MONKEY #2: And Monkey Y is flying west at 30 miles an hour…

    MONKEY #3: And Monkey Z is flying north at 50 miles an hour…

    ALL THREE MONKEYS: Then: how long does it take to ditch Monica?

    MUNCHKIN #3: Who’s Monica?

    MONICA (enters, out of breath): Hey guys! Where’d…ya…go?


    MONKEY #1: She’s my little sister.

    MONICA (angry): You ditched me…on…purpose!
    (SHE raises his fist and starts toward MONKEY #1; the other
    MONKEYS get in her way)

    MUNCHKIN #2: That’s no way to solve a problem.

    MONKEY #2: It was just a joke, Monica.

    MONICA: You guys are all creeps.

    MUNCHKIN #3: Insults aren’t going to help. You have to use “I-Statements.”

    MONICA: Okay. “I” think you guys are all creeps.

    MONKEY #1: That’s not what he means, Monica.

    MONKEY #2: You remember the formula we were talking about the other day,
    don’t you?

    MONKEY #3: It’s our patented equation for solving problems. Here, we’ll go
    over it again.

      Song 3 - Listen now!

    When you do X, I feel Y, so what I’d like is Z.
    When it comes to solving problems that’s our recipe.
    When you’re in a conflict here’s the formula that’s key:
    When you do X, I feel Y, so what I’d like is Z.

    MONKEY #1 (spoken to MONICA): Try it, Monica! Tell us what’s wrong.

    When you fly off to the sky and keep your plans from me
    I feel sad and short of breath and need some oxygen
    So I’d like an invitation every now and then

    When you do X, I feel Y, so what I’d like is Z.

    Now that was perfect
    We never knew
    Now that was perfect
    Now it’s clear what to do!

    When you do X, I feel Y, so what I’d like is Z.
    When it comes to solving problems that’s our recipe.
    When you’re in a conflict here’s the formula that’s key:
    When you do X, I feel Y, so what I’d like is Z.
    (FLYING MONKEYS all exit.)

    MUNCHKIN #1: Hey, I think I see Dorothy coming.

    MUNCHKIN #2: And Toto too?

    MUNCHKIN #1: Toto too.

    MUNCHKIN #2: I’m outa here.
    (runs off)

    MUNCHKIN #3 (shouting after him): He’s had his shots!

    (DOROTHY and TOTO enter. THEY are arguing, talking
    over one another and interrupting.)

    DOROTHY: See, Toto? You scared off that poor little Munchkin.

    TOTO (begins speaking on “off”): Just because I buried him once out in the
    backyard—that’s what dogs do.

    DOROTHY (begins speaking on “backyard”): Would you let me finish a sentence
    before you jump in and start talking and interrupt me?

    TOTO (begins speaking on “start”): You always interrupt me.

    MUNCHKIN #1: Whoa! Hold on you two!

    MUNCHKIN #2: You can’t keep interrupting each other.

    MUNCHKIN #3: You’ve got to try some active listening—really try to hear
    what the other person is saying and take turns.

    DOROTHY and TOTO (together): But it’s his/her fault!

    (This concludes the first one-third of the script.)

    Overall Customer Rating:
    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
    Customer Reviews: 8


    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star

    Munchkin Mediation

    I'm presenting this musical again with a new group of students and always love how easy they are to adapt and use as a non-music person. The songs are so catchy and all I have to do is hum a tune to remind students about the mediation skill. I've even overheard students using the verbiage with each other.
    This group wanted to play the music as an overture while the audience is being seated so I purchased the score.

    Tucson, AZ

    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star

    • Fun songs
    • Great for middle school
    • Familiar characters
    Follow the Yellow Brick Road to this Show!

    What a surprise to return to Oz and help teach lessons about conflict resolution. Munchkin Mediation was a rewarding opportunity for middle school actors to play iconic characters, give munchkins significant roles, and learn strategies for disputes! The songs were fun and catchy and I've already had students request a sequel.

    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star

    A huge success

    I want to thank you for the wonderful plays you create. Not only are the scripts and music uplifting, educational and FUN ...
    You are VERY AFFORDABLE for a teacher who is pioneering the idea of educating through the arts. We are in the pilot stage, meaning we are in the "out of pocket" phase, LOL. THANK YOU!!!
    Also, the fact that you ALLOW EDITS is FANTASTIC! Our PSC kids love being a part of the creativity in the interpretation of the script.
    The parents were thrilled and above all ... the kids LOVED LEARNING and PERFORMING.

    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star

    BRAVO! What fun!

    I have taught theatre classes and directed shows for over 25 years. My last "big gig" was at a visual and performing arts charter school where we bought shows from New York, had a musical director, choreographer, lights, sound, budget, the whole shebang. For the past four years, I have been at a tiny charter. I had never actually even heard of Bad Wolf before I got here, but your material was highly recommended so I took a "chance" on your stuff. BRAVO! What fun!! I think this latest show is my fourth or fifth (of yours) and I have been equally impressed with all of them.
    Your shows are hilarious, well-written, musically diverse, and appropriate for both minimalistic OR "extended" interpretations. We always go big with your shows, renting a venue, working on them for several months and even throwing in some choreography, fun set pieces, and character development goals. Thank you for writing material that is so much fun to teach and direct. One of the best compliments that parents always give is that each student-actor is allowed to shine. The writing is such that there aren't really any leads AND the chorus parts can be expanded to delight over-achieving directors such as myself.

    Los Angeles, Ca

    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star

    • Funny
    • Great songs
    • Wonderful lessons
    One of the Best

    What can I say? My students loved this play. It’s hilarious and the songs are great. The audience couldn’t stop laughing at parts. I especially like the lessons learned. I highly recommend this play.

    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star

    Conflict resolution tips for everyone!

    Munchkin Mediation...Conflict Resolution in Oz gives students, parents and teachers some valuable lessons about how to handle conflicts. This is cleverly executed in the characterizations and songs. I was even able to use the steps outlined throughout the play for leadership workshops in an organization I belong to!

    Tanglewood Elementary School

    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star

    • Great message
    • Music
    • Funny
    "Munchkin Mediation" was fantastic!

    This play was funny, songs were terrific and the message was just perfect with many different options for conflict resolution. I have had my 5th graders perform a Bad Wolf Press musical for the past 7 years and this one was the best one yet!

    Columbus GA

    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star

    Great for summer camp!

    We used this for summer camp for kids ages 5-13. It worked very well. The resolution techniques are quite helpful-- i plan to use them in my marriage LOL! The songs are catchy and (mostly) not too difficult.

    Additional Comments and Reviews:

    "Munchkin Mediation was a smash hit. It was so much fun, clever, funny, and the students really learned from it. Nothing boosts confidence like being on stage. I had a parent nearly in tears thanking me for doing the Munchkin Mediation play and offering the opportunity to her son. Without your plays, I couldn't have offered it."

    ---Lisa Julian, Reading Teacher (6th grade) and After-School Theatre Program Teacher, Amanda Arnold Elementary, Manhattan, KS

    "Munchkin Mediation features the Wizard of Oz characters, who are well known by the students and the audience. The music was fantastic and easy to learn. I feel that this particular play has a message that we all need to hear. The strategies for getting along with others I typed and posted below the stage area, so that as the play progressed the audience could connect with each one. The length of this play is just right for third graders.

    "The play correlated with our health standards and our health textbook; in fact, I used the health book chapter on containing conflict resolution strategies to connect the content in the play with our existing curriculum. Also, we have a character education program at our school and this musical reinforced the ideas that are a part of the school-wide program. We performed it for the entire school, about 800 kids. I love directing your plays using all four arts: theater, dance, music, and visual arts! This was one of my favorites!"

    ---Amy Bagnall, Teacher (3rd grade), Valencia Elementary School, CA

    "I did Munchkin Mediation this year with 4th and 5th grade students at an inner-city school in PA. I did catch them singing 'You Gotta Calm Down' to an angry classmate in the hall one day -- golden moment!"

    ---Angela Mosley, Teacher (4th/5th), Fountain Hill Elementary school, Bethlehem, PA

    "The kids had a blast doing it. We did it as part of the school's drama club, and it was really fun. It was great seeing kids get up on stage in front of the entire school and sing a solo! It really showcases the beauty and talent of these kids' spirits. The kids loved being familiar Oz characters, but getting to act out something new. Kids absolutely love to perform and love to watch perfomances. It is one thing to lecture kids about different conflict resolutions, it is another to have them learn songs and act out a show based on it! The kids learn better and have such a better time doing it."

    ---Leala Montes, Teacher (5th-8th grade), Bethany Elementary, Mountain House, CA

    "It was so fantastic!!! I did it with first through third graders. They were amazing. One third grade parent was so choked up about her daughter's performance of the Left Leg of the Wicked Witch of the East. All I could make out was 'a career in theatre.' Other parents said it was so much better than the extracurricular activity that they pay for after school."

    ---Marian Slama Shetley, Teacher (1st-3rd grade), Montessori Peaks Academy, Littleton, CO

    "It was a fantastic experience and a great show. And it was also a learning experience for my performers (all of whom have autism, developmental disabilities, behavioral disablities, etc.). I think it will be good for special ed and music ed teachers to know that your materials are accessible to their students. It took lots of work, but everyone worked like troopers, and WOW! We just performed it to a standing ovation!"

    ---Carol Cultin, Pyramid Incorporated, Pensacola, FL

    "I used this play at the end of last year with a class that had many social issues. It helped them get along better and when I see them this year, they still talk about it and sometimes sing the songs. I liked it all and our audience did too! It was a big hit. I wouldn't change anything.

    "My students and I love these plays! They build reading fluency, build vocabulary, and give children confidence as they learn to speak clearly in front of an audience. They help reduce stress. Sometimes when we need a break from academics, we break out in song and dance too. The plays are comical so we enjoy laughing together."

    ---Jane Root, Teacher (4th grade), Cedar Heights Elementary, Lancaster, OH

    "My students loved it. I always enjoy the humor that you incorporate into your musicals and the kids really like the laughs. I think this musical did a good job of teaching my students, and those who came to watch our musical, some great skills to use during times of conflict. I love working on plays during state testing times. We sing, move around, create scenery and decide on costumes, so it takes some of the testing pressure off. I tell the parents that this is a less threatening way to ease them into public speaking. Those who are more shy get a chance to have a speaking part with a larger group. Those who are more outgoing may end up with a larger role. Every year I am surprised at who shines brightest. They always amaze me, but my munchkin who 'hates Toto' blew it out of the water. I never would have guessed! Some students who struggle with other academics excel in the arts."

    ---Andrea Hitchcock, Teacher (3rd grade), Lakeside Elementary, Chisago City, MN

    "I wanted to express my thanks for Munchkin Mediation. My class really loved the songs. They still use the choruses to help each other through sticky situations (i.e., You gotta calm down)."

    ---Jean-Marie Kent, Teacher, Madrona K-8 School, Seattle, WA

    "What a delightful program. The students loved it. I teach in a small rural one room school, and we did this production with only 12 students. It worked. The songs were easy for the children to learn and we had a blast with the costumes. With all the talk of bullying in schools, Munchkin Mediation is a perfect way to teach conflict resolution. What a wonderful way to incorporate the arts into the curriculum. It's a great way to teach reading, memorization, and just to have fun!"

    ---Michael Aubin, Teacher (K-6), Elm River Township School, Toivola, MI

    "One of my students was diagnosed with autism and I was nervous about how he was going to react during the performance. Facing a full house can be nerve-racking for everyone - let alone my poor boy! He was playing one of the Winkies in Munchkin Mediation but would not come up on stage at first. I am delighted to say that not only did he get up there confidently, but also acted his part, sang the song and danced the choreography that we had made up for it! It was truly the top point of my carrier as an educator and all that thanks to YOU! Thank you for all the amazing musical plays you have provided us with."

    ---Maria Zark, Teacher (grade 5), American International School of Lagos Prek

    "Mediation is always applicable with children (and any age). I used the phrases from the songs often to prompt students toward their own mediation issues."

    ---B. Frost, Teacher (3rd-5th grades), High Desert Montessori School, Reno, NV

    "We loved everything about Munchkin Mediation!!! The students found the music and script easy to memorize and perform; most said the songs were sung in the shower for many days :) We performed for the school and comments were made about that particular play becoming an annual tradition. Loved, loved, loved the entire experience!"

    ---Machelle Rogers, Teacher (5th grade), Rosamond Elementary, Riverton, UT

    Common Core and Other National Standards


    Language Arts

    National Core Arts Standards


    General Vocabulary Building
    a humbug
    relish (vb.)

    down the drain
    fight tooth and claw
    to “snap” at someone
    talk smack
    restraining order
    hit and run
    see red
    drive without a license
    pay one’s dues
    to “ditch” someone
    pick a fight
    green with envy
    fenny snake
    stick like glue
    rush hour
    break into song
    special interest group
    to “get one’s drift”
    to “pen” a letter
    follow through
    pay off
    cave under
    percent of gross

    Number of questions: 0

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    Q: What comes in the package?

    A: Every musical play comes with the script and a 12-page Teacher's Guide that provides lots of tips and advice for using the play from start to finish. It also includes the audio recording for the play, which has all the songs both WITH and WITHOUT vocals. Sheet music is NOT included with the basic package, but it is available for $12. Extra/replacement CDs are also available for $12.

    Every non-musical play comes with the script and the 12-page Teacher's Guide.

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    Nope! The discount applies whether you are purchasing multiple copies of the same show or single copies of multiple shows.

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    There is no difference in terms of content. The printed version of a musical play comes with an audio CD in a plastic sleeve in the back of the book. The digital version comes with two downloadable files: the script (PDF format) and the songs (individual MP3 files compressed in ZIP format). The advantage of the digital version is that you will not pay shipping and you can start using it instantly. Please read the question following this one about the technical requirements for digital files.

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    3. You will need to have some kind of audio player (such as iTunes or Windows Media Player) that will play MP3 files.

    Advanced technical knowledge is not required; but please note that we do not have the ability to offer technical support for issues related to digital files. If you are unsure, it is probably best to stick with the printed version.

    Q: What is your return/exchange policy?

    A: Bad Wolf proudly offers a 100% guarantee. You can always exchange a product for another or get a full refund. No time limits, no questions.

    Q: Is it OK if I edit the script?

    A: Yes! Consider the play to be a jumping-off point. You are always welcome to change or omit anything that doesn't work for your class, administration, or parents. You are welcome to rewrite lyrics, lines, or jokes -- or add your own! (The kids love doing this, by the way.)

    Q: How long does shipping take?

    A: We say that you should allow for one week within the U.S., but most orders are shipped the same day and arrive 1-3 days later. International orders usually take around two weeks to arrive.

    Q: Do I need to pay any performance royalties?

    A: As long as your admission price is less than $5 per ticket, you never need to pay performance royalties with a Bad Wolf show. If you decide to charge more than $5 a ticket, or if you are using one of our plays for a PAID workshop, camp, assembly, etc., pay only a low 1-2% royalty on gross revenues. See our royalty page to view the rates and pay.