• 25-minute musical play for grades 2-6
  • Includes the script, teacher's guide, and audio recording (which contains a vocal and instrumental version of each song)
  • Simple to do - no music or drama experience needed!

Follow the exciting adventures of Delivery Girl as she races across the country desperately trying to deliver packages to Americans who keep "movin' West." She'll meet Daniel Boone, James Monroe and Thomas Jefferson, Sacajawea, 49ers, and even prairie children working the land. Delivering packages is a rough job, but someone's got to do it!

Please scroll down to read the script, listen to the songs, read reviews, and get all the details about the play (plot, curriculum/content, educational standards, and vocabulary).

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Key Concepts

The Incredible Westward Movement mentions and reinforces the following curriculum:

  • Why folks went west
  • Daniel Boone
  • The Louisiana Purchase
  • Sacajawea with Lewis and Clark
  • The Trail of Tears
  • The Oregon Trail
  • California Gold Rush
  • Farmers on the prairie
  • Transcontinental Railroad

The Incredible Westward Movement is a great complement to your curriculum resources in elementary and middle school history. And, like all of our plays, this show can be used to improve reading, vocabulary, reading comprehension, performance and music skills, class camaraderie and teamwork, and numerous social skills (read about it!) -- all while enabling students to be part of a truly fun and creative experience they will never forget!

Publication Information

Author: Ron Fink (Composer) and John Heath (Book and Lyrics)
ISBN: 978-1-886588-17-2
© 2000 Bad Wolf Press, LLC

Song Samples

Full Song List

1. "Going West"
2. "Gotta Get a Move On"
3. "Let’s Go to France"
4. "Getting Lost in America"
5. "Trail of Tears"
6. "Load up the Prairie Schooner"
7. "To the Gold Rush"
8. "We’re Sodbusters, Buster"
9. "The Golden Spike/Going West (reprise)


Flexible casting from 11-40 students.
Use as many Explorers, Discovery Guys, etc. as desired;
one student can also play more than one role. Note that all
roles can be played by either boys or girls; see our comments
on page 35 of the Teacher's Guide .


This is the first one-third of the script:


Delivery Girl(s)
Daniel Boone and Explorers
James Monroe
Thomas Jefferson
St. Louis Man
Corps of Discovery Guys
Wagon Family
Prairie Children
Union Pacific Crew
Central Pacific Crew
Chorus (made up of all students not playing roles at the time)

(KIDS move quickly back and forth across the stage, entering and exiting.
THEY carry suitcases, dufflebags, etc.—in general they look like they’re
in a hurry and going some place. A DELIVERY GIRL enters with a
package. SHE tries to stop several people walking by, but they move
swiftly past.)

DELIVERY GIRL (to one person): Excuse me, I was wondering…
(to another person)
Pardon me, I’m looking for…
(to a third person)
Hey, do you know where I can find…
(looking frustrated, SHE stops and shouts very loudly to no one
in particular)
Has anybody here seen Daniel Boone?!
(EVERYONE stops and stares; people finally notice her)

PERSON #1: Daniel Boone? He’s been gone for weeks.

DELIVERY GIRL: But I’ve got a package for him, special delivery.
Here, listen.
(SHE shakes box very hard—rattling can be heard)
I think it’s cookies.

PERSON #2: Well he’s long gone by now.

DELIVERY GIRL: But where did he go?

PERSON #1: Where’d he go? Why he went where

DELIVERY GIRL: Where IS everybody going?



  Song 1 - Listen now!

CLASS (sings):
Now so many people are leaving town
The dust is thick as fog

STUDENTS #1 and #2:
There goes my boss, there goes Aunt Jane

And hey there goes my dog!

I’m trying to find a good place to farm
Where we can start anew

Now all the country’s westward bound

My cat is packing too!

We’re going West
Going West
Can’t you see?
Is manifest
’Cause everyone is going West.

I look for adventure and space to roam

I’m running from my debts

I’m looking for a pot of gold

I’m looking for my pets.

Does anyone know the best place to go?
Or which route you should take?

Has anybody checked a map?

Has someone seen my snake?

CLASS (screams): Aaach!
We’re going West
Going West
Can’t you see?
Is manifest
’Cause everyone is going West
’Cause everyone is going West
’Cause everyone is going West.

(CLASS exits. DANIEL BOONE walks in, carrying an ax and wearing
his famous coonskin cap. He stops, looks all around, seems pleased and
stops for a moment. He takes off his cap and starts talking to it. At this
point a student can mark on the map the move west towards Louisville:
see page 34.)

DANIEL BOONE: Well, Betsy, it looks like we’ve finally found some
true wilderness. It’s getting’ so there just ain’t a decent spot that isn’t all
clogged up with civilization. I think you and me can set up camp here and
find some peace and quiet.

DELIVERY GIRL (entering a few seconds later, excited): Daniel Boone!
Daniel Boone! I’ve been looking all over the Appalachians for you.

DANIEL (quickly putting cap back on; to DELIVERY GIRL): Who
are you?

DELIVERY GIRL: I’ve got a box for you.

DANIEL: How’d you find me? I’ve been tryin’ to avoid folks like you.

DELIVERY GIRL: I just followed your trail—you really ought to take
a bath.

DANIEL: I did. Just three months ago.
(Taking off cap and talking to it.)
Must be you, Betsy.
(Putting back on cap)
That does it. Time to move on—it’s getting crowded around here.

  Song 2 - Listen now!

Oh I discovered yesterday
There’s neighbors 50 miles away

It’s hard to breathe, I’ve gotta flee
A man can’t get no privacy.

I find some place not on the map
To hunt some deer and set some traps

I turn around, what do I find?
A swarm of people right behind!

(At the word “SWARM,” several WILDERNESS EXPLORERS enter,
dressed just like DANIEL BOONE)

Gotta get a move on

Gotta get a move on

Gotta get a move on

Gotta get a move on

Leave me be or else I just might snap.
Gotta get a move on

Gotta get a move on

Gotta get a move on

Gotta get a move on

It’s just me and my old coonskin cap.

Kentucky’s just too cramped for me
There’re hundreds now in Tennessee
And every time I settle down
Some folks decide to build a town!
(More EXPLORERS could enter here)

DANIEL: Gotta get a move on

EXPLORERS (echo): Gotta get a move on

DANIEL: Gotta get a move on

EXPLORERS (echo): Gotta get a move on

DANIEL: Leave me be or else I just might snap.
Gotta get a move on

EXPLORERS (echo): Gotta get a move on

DANIEL: Gotta get a move on

EXPLORERS (echo): Gotta get a move on

DANIEL: It’s just me and my old coonskin cap.

Gotta get a move on
Gotta get a move on
Gotta get a move on
Gotta get a move on

DANIEL: Leave me be or else I just might snap.

Gotta get a move on

EXPLORERS (echo): Gotta get a move on

DANIEL: Gotta get a move on

EXPLORERS (echo): Gotta get a move on

DANIEL and CHORUS: It’s just me and my old coonskin cap.


(We now see a DELIVERY GIRL walking up to a very fancy door.
SHE knocks. A PORTER answers.)


DELIVERY GIRL: I’ve got a package for James Monroe.

PORTER: I’m sorry, but he’s unavailable.

DELIVERY GIRL: Don’t tell me HE’s gone West too?

PORTER: No. Mr. Monroe is speaking with President Jefferson at the
moment. In secret. Big stuff. VERY big stuff. Hush, hush, very very secret.

DELIVERY GIRL: Can I listen in?

PORTER: Sure, come on in.

(MONROE and JEFFERSON enter, talking.)

MONROE: Mr. President, this is our chance. I think Napoleon will sell
us the Louisiana territory—all the land between the Mississippi and
the Rockies.
(HE points it out on giant map)

JEFFERSON: What? That’s 800,000 square miles! I was thinking
perhaps we could buy just New Orleans, Florida, maybe get some of
those little chocolate thingies in the bargain.

MONROE: You mean truffles?

JEFFERSON: I LOVE those. And some toast. Nobody makes toast like
the French.

MONROE: But Mr. President—think of it. The Louisiana Purchase.
You’d double the size of the nation with one signature.

JEFFERSON: What about those truffles?

MONROE: Sure, we could get some them too!

  Song 3 - Listen now!

Let’s go to France and do some shopping
Let’s go to France and buy some stuff
Perfume, pastries, fancy clothes
The other folks can buy all those
We need land, we just can’t have enough!

CLASS: La la la la

Let’s go to France and do some shopping
Let’s go to France and eat some snails
When the escargot are escargone
Let’s buy the Rockies and beyond
I hear half the continent’s on sale!

It’s just three cents an acre
We’ve got that kind of dough
We’ll take 500 million
Please wrap ’em up to go.

Let’s go to France and do some shopping
Let’s go to France and buy some land

JEFFERSON (shouted): And some truffles!

The U.S. now is twice the size
That sure is one of our better buys
Let’s head west and get ourselves a tan.
La la la la
La la la la
La la la la land.

(ALL exit. DELIVERY GIRL has a package.)

DELIVERY GIRL (walking along, shouting): Meriwether Lewis,
Meriwether Lewis. I have a package here for Meriwether Lewis.

MAN (approaching): Excuse me, but you aren’t looking for Meriwether
Lewis, as in Lewis and Clark the explorers, are you?

DELIVERY GIRL: Yes I am. That’s why I’ve come to St. Louis.

MAN: But Lewis and Clark left a year ago, searching for the great
Northwest passage, the fabled water route from here to the Pacific.


MAN: Excuse me?

DELIVERY GIRL: I’ve got a box full of nuts for Mr. Lewis. Pecans.
Cashews. They’re very good.
(Opening box, offering some to stranger)
Want one? I think there’re some left.

MAN: No thanks.

DELIVERY GIRL (Walking on, shouting): Meriwether Lewis.
Meriwether Lewis.

MAN: Didn’t you hear me? He’s long gone.

DELIVERY GIRL: I know. But I love saying the word Meriwether.

MAN: I wonder how those two men and their Corps of Discovery
are doing.

(CORPS OF DISCOVERY GUYS enter, looking pretty dirty and
beat-up, talking to SACAJAWEA, the Shoshone wife of one of
the guides)

CORPS GUY #1: Please, Sacajawea. You were born in these parts.
You can guide us through the Shoshone territory.

SACAJAWEA: But it has been many years since I lived with the Shoshone.

CORPS GUY #2: We need your help—I’m not sure Lewis and Clark
know what they’re doing.

Song 4

Looking for a northwest passage
Looking for the sea
Hoping that the hungry grizzlies
Aren’t looking for me.

Stumbling through a land uncharted
It’s no walk in the park
Getting lost in America…with Lewis and Clark.

Maybe I can recall the land of my childhood.
Maybe I can recall the land of my childhood.

Looking for a water highway
We’ve found lots of mud
Flees, tics, and immense mosquitoes
They’ve drained off our blood.

Seen so many wondrous creatures
We should have an ark
Getting lost in America…with Lewis and Clark.

Maybe I can recall the land of my childhood.
Maybe I can recall the land of my childhood.

Sacajawea please help us
Sacajawea lead the way
It’s so good to see ya
Give us some help today.

I’ll help and we’ll find the passage
We will find the sea
Read maps and consult your compass
Then just follow me.

Stumbling through a land uncharted
It’s no walk in the park
Getting lost in America…with Lewis and Clark.

(This concludes the first one-third of the script.)

Overall Customer Rating:
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
Customer Reviews: 5

Sargent, Nebraska

review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star

  • helpful teachers' manual
  • songs
  • appropriate for 4th grade
  • connects to History curriculum
The Incredible Westward Movement

This is a fantastic resource! I have read the teacher's manual front to back several times and feel 100% equipped to direct this play in a successful fashion. My students are really enjoying the songs and it lines up so well with the westward expansion unit in our History curriculum. Thank you so much for putting the time and effort into creating this amazing work, it is so appreciated by this 4th grade, and very novice theatre, teacher!

Boise, Idaho

review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star

  • Simple to learn
  • right length
  • dated
  • cultural appropriation
Learning outcomes shared with song and dance.

We presented the play "Incredible Westward Movement" with our 3/4 grade class, as they are studying Idaho History. The students loved the play, and the sense of humor was right on for this grade level. The songs were easy to learn, and the historical content was there.
I always struggle with the white-washing and retelling of Manifest Destiny, without a conversation of the cost to First Nations. I appreciated the addition of the Trail of Tears, however I was unsure how to cast a group of non-native students in those roles. Sacagawea was similarly challenging.
Overall, the play was a hit. Students and parents reacted positively to the performance and it was really fun for them to demonstrate their learning with singing and dancing, rather than writing an essay or taking a test.
review image  

Fairfield, Nebraska

review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star

  • Perfect for Third Grade!
Incredible Westward Movement

My Third Grade class is preparing to perform the musical, "Incredible Westward Movement." The kids LOVE the songs! We recently had a field trip and they sang all the songs during our bus ride! The lyrics reinforce what we've been learning in our Westward Expansion Unit in Social Studies, and truly make the characters come alive. The students are especially excited to learn about the specific character they are playing in the musical. Thanks for helping to make learning so much fun!


review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star

  • Plenty of roles
  • Music can be difficult
Lots of content, plenty of parts for all

Overall, this is a fun and easy to use script. The music is a little tricky, down beats and complicated counts, but practicing with the music including lyrics helped the students. Great opportunities for social studies lessons throughout! Older students think the jokes are lame, but younger elementary love it.

Murwood Keyspot - Walnut Creek, CA

review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star

  • reinforces lessons learned in classroom
Great Westward Movement

This is a great history lesson set to music. The children ages 6-11 have really been enjoying rehearsals, and are looking forward to our show.

Additional Comments and Reviews:

"It was truly incredible! It fit in so well with our curriculum and the boys absolutely loved it. Parents told us again and again that it was the best kids' play they had ever seen. We loved the songs and the script. It was great how the play had so many parts, allowing all of the kids to have significant (and our case multiple) roles to play. Everyone was a star!"

---Kim Iorillo, Teacher (3rd grade), Brunswick School, Greenwich, CT

"My class performs a Bad Wolf Press play every year, and it is always a hit! This year with our new Common Core Units, The Incredible Westward Movement has fit in perfectly. It has been a great resource to supplement with our Idaho History to provide students the research they need for their ELA performance task! Thank you!"

---Candy Franscella, Teacher, Washington Elementary, Pocatello, ID

"During my ten years teaching fifth grade, I alternated 13 Colonies with Incredible Westward Movement. The 8th grade history teacher told me that all MY students knew the 13 colonies and the basics about Manifest Destiny. Students had SO MUCH FUN learning the material and remembered it YEARS later. The plays help the historical characters come alive for the kids."

---Vicky Hill, Teacher (5th grade), Oak Grove School, CA

"Fifth graders used this play as their culmination (graduation to middle school) play and it was a great triumph. I liked the lyrics, the music, the tone of the play. It took a historical subject (the Westward Movement) with all its layers of complexities, and dealt with problems, joys, struggles, triumphs, with humor and simplicity and created a memorable experience for the 9- and 10-year-olds involved. The scenes are funny. That's the highest compliment I can pay. Funny is the most difficult thing to write and Bad Wolf succeeds.

"I am their theatre teacher and found the material engaging and very useful for teaching staging, acting skills and musical theatre techniques. The students learned theatre discipline and performance skills. And were they thrilled with the audience reaction! When I was told about Bad Wolf Press, I was afraid it would be like a lot of 'children's theatre,' i.e. simplistic, three-chords songs. Instead, we got engaging, challenging music with clever, funny, sometimes heartfelt lyrics -- real musical theatre adapted to our grade level."

---Suzanne Collins, Theater Teacher (4th-5th grades), Los Angeles Unified School District, CA

"It was fun! We loved the songs and the best part was using our creativity to make the play come to life with props, constumes, and actions. Performing was a great highlight in our year! I found the play a great enrichment to our studies - Everyone was a part of a great play and felt terrific about it. We always had something to do as a time filler -sing!"

---Amy Piazzola, Teacher, (1st-5th grade), Numa School, Fallon, NZ

"Great! The easy-to-follow script, catchy songs, and added humor make the production a delight for all (students, teachers, and parents!)"

--- Lisa Boothe, Teacher (3rd/5th grade), Carl Hankey School, Mission Viejo, CA

"The Incredible Westward Movement is a great history program, with easy scenes and lots of characters. What a way to learn and remember history. You can't get the songs out of your head. Personalities shine through music: everyone gets a chance to be on stage."

---Jane Bishop, Teacher (4th grade), Broadwater School, Helena, MT

"There were many big parts and enough for everyone, but no 'star' parts. The music was wonderful! The students loved it. The whole process was a great learning experience."

---Robin Twombley, Teacher (K-6th grades), Roxbury Village School, Roxbury, VT

"The music is catchy, so the kids never forgot the lyrics. They learned key concepts while having fun. I can't wait until the next one! I teach the kids in the gifted program in my system. Some love to be center-stage while others have no desire to perform solo. These plays allow me to give them opportunities to participate at a level at which each chld is comfortable."

---Shelia Cain, Teacher (1st-2nd grade, Gifted and Talented), Petham Elementary, Petham, GA

Common Core and Other National Standards

History/Social Studies

Language Arts

National Core Arts Standards


manifest destiny
“anchors aweigh”

Historical Terms
Mississippi River
The Louisiana Purchase
Northwest Passage
Trail of Tears
prairie schooner
Willamette Valley
Cape Horn
Donner Party
transcontinental railroad
the golden spike

Vocabulary From Stage Directions

Number of questions: 0

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