• 35-minute musical play for grades 2-6
  • Includes the script, teacher's guide, and audio recording (which contains a vocal and instrumental version of each song)
  • Simple to do - no music or drama experience needed!

It's the night before the rock band's last-chance gig -- and their old tour bus has broken down. As they set up a sloppy camp, enchanted creatures emerge from the woods: plastic bottles, banana skins, light bulbs, and even a rusted SUV come to life, and they can sing! They've got some great advice for the rockers on how to change their behavior, save the band, and help the environment.

Please scroll down to read the script, listen to the songs, read reviews, and get all the details about the play (plot, curriculum/content, educational standards, and vocabulary).

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The Environmental Show teaches students simple things they can do to cut down on pollution, save water, use less energy, and avoid the landfill. And, like all of our plays, this show can be used to improve reading, vocabulary, reading comprehension, performance and music skills, class camaraderie and teamwork, and numerous social skills (read about it!) -- all while enabling students to be part of a truly fun and creative experience they will never forget!

Key Terms and Concepts

  • Recycling (plastic, glass, aluminum, paper)
  • Re-using materials
  • Reducing waste
  • Composting
  • Growing a garden
  • Saving energy
  • Water conservation
  • Limiting CO2 emissions
  • Avoiding soil erosion, water pollution, and destruction of the rainforests

Publication Information

Author: Ron Fink (Composer) and John Heath (Book and Lyrics)
ISBN: 978-1-886588-46-2
© 2009 Bad Wolf Press, LLC

Song Samples

Full Song List

1. The Band Went Green
2. You Threw Me Away
3. Everyone Wins
4. Plant a Salad
5. eBay
6. Rejection
7. Save a Little Bit
8. Four Green Rs
9. Leave Me in the Driveway
10. The Band Went Green (reprise)


Flexible casting from 11-40 students.

Use as many Water Bottles, Banana Skins, French
Fries, etc as desired; one student can easily play
several roles. Note that all roles can be played by
either boys or girls; see our comments on page 35
of the Teacher's Guide.


This is the first one-third of the script:


Beatrice (the Moderately Good Witch of the North)
Danielle (member of rock band)
Josh (member of rock band)
Lenny (member of rock band)
Plastic Water Bottles (2)
Banana Skins (3)
French Fry
Chicken Nugget
Styrofoam Container
Bicycles (2)
Light Bulb
Air Conditioner
Fish (2)
Green Rs (3)

and a CHORUS composed of all students who are not playing
roles on stage at the time.

(ENTIRE CLASS gathers, faces the audience, and sings.)

  Song 1 - Listen now!

Once there was a rock band
About to call it quits
Their tunes were uninspired
Their lyrics were the pits.

The drummer had no rhythm
The singer had no range
They had no way of knowing
That everything would change...

The night, the night, the night the band went green
The band went green
You should have seen what happened on the night the band went green.

The tour bus had a breakdown
The driver disappeared
The forest started talking
And that's when things got weird.

They heard from plastic bottles
They chatted with some fish
They listened to a Hummer
And helped him get his wish.

The night, the night, the night the band went green
The band went green
You should have seen what happened on the night the band went green.

(During the instrumental, DANIELLE, JOSH, and LENNY
can wander across the stage, looking lost. A large banner at
the back of the stage/classroom can be rolled out that shows
a forest, or the title of the show, or both.)

The night, the night, the night the band went green
The band went green
You should have seen what happened on the night the band went green.

(CLASS exits. DANIELLE, JOSH, and LENNY are standing in front of a forest.
THEY look around to find somewhere comfortable to sit. During the opening
dialogue, JOSH drinks from a plastic water bottle, LENNY eats a banana. THEY
don't notice BEATRICE, who enters, looks at the three of them, shakes her
head, and addresses the audience.)

BEATRICE (to audience, pointing to the BAND): Will you look at them! The
most pathetic rock band in history. Or what's left of it. Their keyboard
player quit last night‹they were booed off the stage at Britnie Mango¹s
sweet 16 birthday party.

DANIELLE (to other band members): I can't believe Carla walked out on us.

JOSH: I can¹t believe they have rotten tomatoes at birthday parties.

LENNY: I can't believe what good arms those kids had.

BEATRICE: Do they have talent? Sure! They're just missing something.
Something to get them fired up. And now I¹ve arranged for their van to break
down. They¹ll have to spend the night camping in this forest.

DANIELLE: Carla was the only one who knew how to fix the van. What do we do

JOSH (looking around): These trees are creepy. They're all natural and

LENNY: You don¹t think they have squirrels in here, do you? They'll drag
you off while you sleep and stuff you in a tree. Then they eat you in

BEATRICE: They've got a lot to learn. Oh, excuse me, I haven't introduced myself.
I'm Beatrice, the Moderately Good Witch of the North. I used to be
the Good Witch of the North, but I got demoted. Don't ask. But I'm working
on my rehabilitation. This band is my ticket back to full goodness. You just
(SHE exits)

JOSH (finishes water, throws bottle carelessly off-stage): Well, if we're
stuck here, maybe we should practice our songs.

DANIELLE: Don't throw your bottle away like that.

JOSH: Nobody's gonna care. We're all alone.

LENNY: You sure? I thought I heard something.

DANIELLE: We need some new songs.

JOSH: And a new keyboard player.

LENNY: And some puppets.

DANIELLE: What for?

LENNY: I don¹t know. I¹ve always wanted a puppet.

JOSH (standing up): I'm going to get my guitar. I'll be right...
(HE stops mid-sentence; freezes,
points off-stage in the direction he
threw the bottle)
What's that? No way! Those are giant...

LENNY (screams): Squirrels! I knew it! Run for your lives!

DANIELLE: Wait! They're...they're plastic water bottles!


BOTTLE #1: That's right!

LENNY: They're talking plastic water bottles!

BOTTLE #2: You seem surprised.

JOSH: It's impossible.

BOTTLE #1: Hey, you're the one who threw me away.

JOSH: You? You were a lot smaller then. And I only tossed out one bottle.
Where'd you find your, uh, friend?

BOTTLE #2: Oh, we're everywhere. Americans throw out more than 60 million
plastic bottles each day.

BOTTLE #1: And less than a quarter of them get recycled.

LENNY: So how can you can move and talk?

BOTTLE #1: I don't know. One minute I was just another inert piece of
trash, and here I am, a talking plastic bottle.

DANIELLE: It's like a Disney nightmare.

BOTTLE #2: The nightmare here is all this waste. Plastic. Glass. Aluminum.
Paper. We can all be made into wonderful new stuff instead of filling up
landfills and forests. Just recycle.

BOTTLE #1: Yeah.
I've always wanted to come back as a park bench.
You're crushing my dreams, man.

BOTTLE #2 (to JOSH): You're not the only one with feelings, you know.

  Song 2 - Listen now!


You threw me away like I was nothing
You tossed me aside like I was dirt
You could have used a cup
Instead you used me up
You ditched me and you wonder why I'm hurt?

You threw me away like I was nothing
You tossed me aside like I was dirt
Just one recycling bin
And I'd come back again
As tables or a yo-yo or a shirt.

Got a thirst? Well you can kill it
Keep one bottle and refill it
Straighten out your moral compass
Don't buy bottles and then dump us!

You threw me away like I was nothing
You tossed me aside like I was dirt
You say you¹ve got big plans
For all your soda cans
But we know you are just a little flirt.

Got a thirst? Well you can kill it
Keep one bottle and refill it
Straighten out your moral compass
Don't buy bottles and then dump us!

Shoo doo n doo Shoo doo n bah dee yooh
Shoo doo n bah
Shoo doo n doo dee
Don't buy bottles, don't buy bottles
Shoo beee yooh.

(THEY FINISH SONG and start to leave stage.)

BOTTLE #1 (as it exits): And take your own bags to the market!

BOTTLE #2 (also exiting, shouts and thrusts fist into the air): Power to
our plastic brothers and sisters everywhere!

(THEY are gone. BEATRICE enters (the BAND can now
see HER.)

JOSH (startled; to BEATRICE): Hey, who are you? If you're that soda
can I tossed out of the van a few days ago, I can explain.

BEATRICE: I'm Beatrice, the Moderately Good Witch of the North.

DANIELLE: Moderately good?

BEATRICE: I used to be good, but there was a little incident. I brought you
to this enchanted forest so you could learn to take better care of the
earth. Tonight you will have seven more mysterious visits.

JOSH: Like big plastic bottles?

BEATRICE: Seven more visits. It's very important to me, and to you---
and to the earth---that you pay attention.
(SHE exits.)

DANIELLE: That is one strange witch.

LENNY: I figure I¹m just hallucinating. Like that time I thought I was
having pancakes at IHOP with Abraham Lincoln.

JOSH: Well, your hallucinations are about to come say hello to you. Look!
(He points to the other side of the stage, where three
BANANA SKINS are entering.)

DANIELLE: Oh my gosh! Those are banana skins! Lenny, those are your
banana skins come to life!

LENNY: No! It can't be. Not...
(HE pauses dramatically)
...enchanted fruit!

BANANA SKIN #1 (to JOSH): What's the matter? You don't think
we have "appeal"?
(Pronounces "appeal" carefully, "a-peel," so the pun is heard.)
I just love that one. It never gets old.

BANANA SKIN #2: Yes it does, man.

BANANA SKIN #1: Are you kidding me?

BANANA SKIN #3: It is a bit predictable. And you say it every five minutes.

SKIN #1: You've got something better? I mean, I'm working with limited
material here. Bananas don't have seeds, or a core, or a pit. Now there are
some good puns with pits.

SKIN #2: Stop worrying about it, man. Mellow out.

SKIN #3: Yeah. Let's grab some garbage and go sit in a compost pile for a
couple weeks.

SKIN #1: So what are we supposed to do while we¹re waiting to decompose?

SKIN #2: Just relax! Feel the warmth.

SKIN #3: Enjoy the company. Half the trash a family normally throws away
can be composted along with us.

SKIN #2: What's better than sitting back, rotting away into organic
material to help things grow?

SKIN #1: You're right. That does have appeal!

  Song 3 - Listen now!


Everyone wins
Everyone wins
People, the whole earth, and banana skins
Fill up those bins
Bring out the grins
When you are composting everyone wins.

Pile up some dry grass clippings for some carbon
And for some nitrogen use kitchen waste
And then go throw in some old tea bags
Then season it to taste.

SKIN #2 (shouted): Just kidding!

Everyone wins
Everyone wins
People, the whole earth, and banana skins
Fill up those bins
Bring out the grins
When you are composting everyone wins.

Now add some nice dry leaves and paper towels
Toss in some apples rotten to the core
And if you need a final garnish
Well that's what junk mail¹s for.

SKIN #3 (shouted): But not the glossy stuff!


Everyone wins
Everyone wins
People, the whole earth, and banana skins
Fill up those bins
Bring out the grins
When you are composting everyone wins.
When you are composting everyone wins.

(THEY exit.)

(This concludes the first one-third of the script.)

Overall Customer Rating:
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
Customer Reviews: 3

San Jose, CA

review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star

  • Great script
Hilarious script

My kids haven't performed this yet, but they are super excited. This script is creative and funny. It's so much fun. This is the 5th musical that I have bought from Bad Wolf Press and they are all hits. You really can't go wrong with this company! The songs are great for the kids vocal ranges and the scripts are well written with kid jokes and fun for the adults as well. I love that this one has an environmental theme as well! Yay. I can't wait to see the final results. If you remind me, I'd be happy to write a follow up review at the end of June after they perform!

Oxnard, California

review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star

Environmental show

I’ve been using Bad Wolf shows for over 15 years. I think this show is the funniest. There are fun characters and some genre variety in the 🎶 music. That helps makes it easier for me to think of moves and costume ideas.

review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star

  • music
  • scripts
  • humor
  • ease of production
The Environmental Show

This musical is very simple to use from start to finish. The songs are available in two formats, with or without vocals. The script is easy for students to read and understand. The supplemental resources for teaching vocabulary is great to support student learning. All in all, this musical ROCKS! My students, their parents, my colleagues, and administrators enjoyed the show very much! Well done Bad Wolf Press!

Additional Comments and Reviews:

"I just finished reading The Environmental Show and I must say it is brilliant and laugh-out-loud funny! I can't wait to use it with my students! I love the message: we can all play a part in making our planet a better place. Even kids can help save our planet by taking small actions such as recycling, not leaving the water running when they brush their teeth, or simply shutting off the light when they leave the room. Thank you for putting out meaningful plays that my students can get excited about!"

---Theresa Hollinsky, Teacher, Ojibwa Elementary, Macomb MI

"We had done many plays and musicals with our K-6th graders over the years, and I just wanted to let you know that this was the best show that we have ever put on! We loved the music and it was hysterically funny. The message was great -- it got us composting the veggies and fruits from our lunches and recycling everything. Parents, grandparents, and teachers said it was the most professional, fun and lively production they had ever seen from kids (including high school!)."

---Julie Bookwalter, Teacher (K-6th grades), UC Irvine Extended Day Center, Irvine, CA

"By far the most well received and most enjoyable to direct of the many Bad Wolf plays I have produced. It's funny, makes its stewardship point, and the kids loved the plot line. The parents came out to pack the auditorium and offered assistance before, during and after each performance."

---Vince J. Rosato, Teacher (4th grade), Searles Elementary, Union City, CA

"It was a huge hit, and the kids loved performing it."

---Gayle, Teacher (6th grade), Cambridge Christian School, Tampa, FL

"As always, kids and adults love the humor and the variety of styles is great music experience for students."

---Blythe Shelley, Teacher (4th and 5th grades), Mary Collins School at Cherry Valley, Petaluma, CA

"What fun! The kids loved it. The audience was even the singing the songs as they left. Parents told me they learned a lot and that they liked the information."

---Shelly Trumpey, Teacher (3rd grade), Farley Hill Elementary, Pinckney, MI

"A wonderful way for our fourth graders to participate in a green project at our school. Teachers, parents and students loved the songs."

---Ann Campbell, Teacher (4th grade), Englewood Elementary, Tuscaloosa, AL

"Fun to learn songs! Upbeat music with a great message! My class really enjoyed performing and staging this production"

---Diane Esten, Teacher (5th grade), St. George's Episcopal Day School, Clarksdale, MS

"Great environmental play to teach about saving our earth. Kids enjoyed it too!"

---Shannon Gerik, Teacher (4th and 5th grades), Columbus Elementary, Columbus, TX

"Fabulous! Amazing dialogue and music. Every single song is terrific. Bravo, this is your best one yet. Can't wait to see what else you have in store."

---Evelyn Pike, Music Teacher, Elmwood School, Ottawa, ON, Canada

Common Core and Other National Standards

Common Core and Other National Standards


Language Arts

History/Social Studies

National Core Arts Standards


General Vocabulary

bridge (card game)
parole officer

Phrases and Slang:

scrap heap
call it quits
coated with
kill the lights
fired up
the pits
give me a shot
moral compass
enchanted forest
mellow out
ditched me
dig in
for sentimental reasons
tickle the ivories
community service
my ticket back

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