Get 60% off downloads: audio for $5, plays for $20, and site licenses for $40!

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Edited to add: The download sale has ended.

No need to enter any coupon codes—just add downloadable plays, site licenses, and audio recordings to your cart and the discount will automatically be calculated!

Remember, as long as your school is closed, you have permission to share the script and entire audio recording with students so they can practice at home. (Our normal policy is that the script and 1-2 songs can be shared with each student.) Please share the files only in a secure, password-protected portal rather than on the public Internet.

Like thousands of other tiny businesses, we find ourselves with no sales and no income. This is usually the busiest time of year, which allows us to weather the summer months when sales are scarce. If you can support us during this difficult time, we'd greatly appreciate it. We've never given such deep discounts, so it's a great time to stock up on new downloadable plays.

For those hosting virtual classrooms, you might enjoy the reader's theater-oriented plays in the 10-Minute Mini Collection. These short scripts have parts for many students along with Chorus parts that everyone reads aloud. Each play also has 2 or 3 songs. Written for grades 3-6, the five plays in the collection are: Conservation, Polygons, Map of the World, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Noun & Verb. You can read samples from all the scripts at (click the Script & Song Samples tab).

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