"Cinderella: A Modern Makeover" Musical Play
    • 35-minute musical play for grades 2-6
    • Includes the script, teacher's guide, and audio recording (which contains a vocal and instrumental version of each song)
    • Simple to do - no music or drama experience needed!

    Our fractured, contemporary Cinderella is a modern counterpoint to the traditional story. Students can compare and contrast our tale with other versions they are studying or already know. What are the differences in plot? Theme? Desires and motivations of the characters? And what makes Cinderella stories so timeless? The play fulfills heaps of Language Arts standards, but it's equally suited to be a standalone, just-for-fun show.

    Please scroll down to read the script, listen to the songs, read reviews, and get all the details about the play (plot, curriculum/content, educational standards, and vocabulary).

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    Cinderella's friends are worried--she spends all day cleaning and talking to rodents! A wicked family must be to blame. But that's not it--this sanitary heroine just wants to clean up the world. When she learns that the Prince is looking for a director of his new environmental program, she knows she's the best candidate. But everyone in town, including Cinderella's stepsisters, wants the job too! Will the help of some animal friends and the Fairy Godfolks be enough to land Cinderella her dream job?

    Cinderella: A Modern Makeover is a great complement to your curriculum resources in language arts and social studies. And, like all of our plays, this show can be used to improve reading, vocabulary, reading comprehension, performance and music skills, class camaraderie and teamwork, and numerous social skills that they are learning about in the play itself (read about it!) -- all while enabling students to be part of a truly fun and creative experience they will never forget!

    Publication Information

    Author: John Heath and Lisa Adams (Book and Lyrics) and Mike Fishell (Composer)
    ISBN: 978-1-886588-60-8
    © 2014 Bad Wolf Press, LLC

    Song Samples


    Flexible casting from 11-40 students. Use as many Friends, Godfolks, Advisors, etc. in each scene as desired. One student can easily play several roles if needed, and individual roles can be doubled up. Note that roles can be played by either boys or girls; see our comments in the Teacher's Guide.


    Fairy Godfolks: Godmother, Goduncle, Godfather (aka Bert)
    Animals: Rat, Mouse, Bird
    Prince Reginald
    Electronic Devices: Glass Tablet, Cell Phone, Laptop

    and a CHORUS composed of all students who are not playing roles on stage at the time.


    (This is the first one-third of the script.)

    (NARRATORS enter and face audience)

    NARRATOR #1: Hello, and welcome to our show. Before we begin, we have a few announcements. First, this is a performance of the musical play, Cinderella: A Modern Makeover. If you are here for the squid-wrestling competition, that's down the hall in room C12.

    NARRATOR #2: Now, about the show. This is an updated version of the classic tale. It was mostly a budget thing. We could afford either fancy period costumes or donuts after rehearsals. We opted for the donuts.

    NARRATOR #1: So we figured, hey, why not mess around with the whole thing? Who's gonna notice? So let's get it started with Cinderella and a few of her friends.

    NARRATOR #2: Oh, and one other announcement: absolutely no photography or audio recording during the performance.
    (significant pause)

    BOTH NARRATORS (loudly): Just kidding!
    (One of them pulls out a cell phone; THEY put their arms around each other, make big cheesy smiles, and take a selfie. THEY Exit. CINDERELLA and FRIENDS enter. CINDERELLA happily cleans with a feather duster or broom or spray bottle of window cleaner or, well, you get the idea.)

    FRIEND #1: See, that's just what we're talking about, Cinderella.

    CINDERELLA (cheerily): What?

    FRIEND #2: You and your cleaning! Don't you think it's just a little obsessive?

    CINDERELLA: But I love to keep things tidy. Is there anything more wonderful than the shine of a polished spoon or the calming scent from an air-freshener plug-in?

    FRIEND #3: Really, Cin, you need to get out. Come to the mall with us.

    CINDERELLA: The mall! That would be great!

    FRIEND #1: Really? You'll go?

    CINDERELLA (lost in happy plans): Sure! There are so many things that need serious scrubbing there! I could probably spend a month just on the tables at the food court.

    FRIEND #2: You're missing the point! The only time we ever see you these days is online, and even then you usually log off as soon as you're done cleaning the screen.

    CINDERELLA: I'm sorry. It's just that cleaning is my passion. And I've sort of found some new friends around the house.

    FRIEND #1 (upset): Those are not friends! Those are rodents!

    CINDERELLA: Well, technically they're not all rodents. Some of them are birds.

    FRIEND #3: Oh please, Cinderella! Won't you listen to us?

      Song 1 - Listen to a clip now!

    Cinderella, we're worried
    You never go out

    Well what could be better than scrubbing this grout?

    Cinderella, we're worried
    You're covered with grime

    I just cleaned six chimneys and had a great time!

    We know it's hard to hear this...but try to hear us out...

    You need an intervention
    You need a wake-up call
    This lifestyle isn't healthy
    It's time to go AWOL.

    Your family must be wicked
    To push you to this point
    You need an intervention
    You need to blow this joint.

    Cinderella, we're worried
    You're talking to rats

    They get in the crannies; they clean all the slats!

    Cinderella, we're worried
    You're sniffing these fumes!

    My natural cleansers have no harsh perfumes!

    (spoken) I know you won't believe me...but try to hear me out...

    I don't need interventions
    I'm very happy here
    My family isn't wicked
    My rodent friends are dear.

    I'd love to scour the planet
    But service starts at home
    So if you're finished talking
    I need to buff this chrome.
    Please let me buff this chrome.

    (FRIENDS exit, CINDERELLA continues cleaning, doesn't notice entrance of her STEPSISTERS. THEY are excited; STELLA holds a newspaper.)

    STAR: This is our chance! Read it again, read it again!

    STELLA (noticing CINDERELLA, to STAR): Wait just a minute.
    (SHE points to CINDERELLA, who is happily buffing away. SHE then addresses CINDERELLA in an overly sweet fashion.)
    Oh, Cinderella! I'm so glad you're here. The most dreadful thing has happened. I just noticed a smudge on the bathroom mirror!

    CINDERELLA (horrified): A smudge?! Oh no! Don't panic! I'll take care of it! A smudge!

    STAR (to STELLA): Good thinking. I love my stepsister, but let's face it...she's weird. So go on, read it again!

    STELLA: It's right here on page one of the Royal Times.
    (Reading from newspaper)
    "His Highness, Prince Reginald...

    BOTH SISTERS (each covers her heart, swoons a bit, and sighs dreamily): Prince Reginald...

    STELLA (collects herself, continues to read): "...solicits applications for director of his new 'Let's Go Green' agency. Candidates should have a demonstrated interest in cleaning up the environment. Interviews will be held ________ [fill in today's day of the week] in the royal palace with Prince Reginald."

    BOTH SISTERS (more swooning): Prince Reginald...

    STAR (suddenly, whining): But Stella, I don't want to get a job. I like doing nothing. I'm good at doing nothing. It's my gift.

    STELLA: Mine too. But we won't have to do anything. We just have to meet the prince.

    STAR (still whining): But Stella, I don't even care about the environment.

    STELLA: Me either. I don't even like our hybrid car. It sneaks up on you without making any noise.

    STAR (whimpers): I know! I think it's trying to KILL me.

    STELLA: But never mind that. We have more important things to think about...
    (SHE points to the newspaper)

    BOTH (swooning again): Prince Reginald!

      Song 2 - Listen to a clip now!

    STAR and STELLA:
    I was born to be a princess
    I was born to be a figurehead

    STELLA: I look good in gowns

    STAR: I look great in crowns

    STAR and STELLA:
    I have that regal touch
    For doing nothing much.

    I was born to be a princess
    I was born to be adored by all

    STELLA: Wearing fancy clothes

    STAR: Looking down my nose

    STAR and STELLA:
    And look, just there I gave
    A perfect royal wave.
    (THEY give the sad wave of royalty on floats)

    STELLA: A castle!

    STAR: A prince!

    STAR AND STELLA: I've been planning it since

    STELLA: I was five

    STAR: I was four

    STAR and STELLA:
    And now I've got a scheme.

    STELLA: The servants!

    STAR: The food!

    STAR and STELLA:
    I don't want to be rude
    (pointing at each other)
    But you're cramping my fairy tale dream!

    I was born to be a princess
    I was born to be a figurehead

    STELLA: I look good in gowns

    STAR: I look great in crowns

    I have that regal touch
    For doing nothing much.

    (MOM and DAD enter.)

    STAR: Mom! Guess what?!

    MOM: What is it?

    STELLA and STAR: We're applying for a job!

    (MOM and DAD both collapse momentarily, or nearly faint, then stand back up, clearly in shock)

    DAD: I think I just had my first senior moment. I could have sworn you said you were going to apply for a job.

    STELLA: Yes, and we need to go right now!

    MOM: Why, that's wonderful! We're just a little, well, stunned.

    DAD: Staggered. Astounded.

    STAR: Okay, okay.

    DAD: Dazed. Flabbergasted.

    STELLA (annoyed): We get it!

    MOM: Didn't you tell us last week that your ambition in life is to win the lottery and spend the money building a house out of Oreos?

    STAR (proudly): Double Stuf.

    STELLA: But we've found the perfect job. Here, you can read all about it. We have to go find the right shoes for the interview.
    (Hands the paper to MOM; SHE and STAR race off.)

    STAR: I have a pair of pink stilettos that I've been dying to try out.
    (THEY exit)

    MOM: Let's see what they're so excited about.
    (SHE starts to read the ad. CINDERELLA enters)

    CINDERELLA (pointing in the direction where STELLA and STAR went): Hey, what's with them?

    DAD: Believe it or not, your stepsisters are applying for a job.

    CINDERELLA: A job? What kind of job?

    MOM (looking up from the paper): It's for director of environmental cleanup for the Prince's new agency. And the interviews are today only! No wonder the girls are in such a hurry.

    CINDERELLA (excited): Clean up? I live to clean things up. And I love the environment--all my cleaning supplies are eco-friendly and green-approved. This is amazing--I'm going to make the kingdom smudge-free!

    DAD and MOM look at each other, then to the audience, then back to each other): This is all happening so fast!

      Song 3 - Listen to a clip now!

    DAD and MOM:
    We are so happy for them
    We have to sing a song
    Opportunities like this one rarely come along
    A paycheck in her hand
    We'd just be overjoyed
    To actually have a daughter who's gainfully employed!

    Any one of them could get it
    We really don't know who.

    DAD (to MOM):
    It's just I have a few concerns
    I want to share with you.

    My daughter has issues.
    I mustn't mince words.
    She spends her time talking
    With vermin and birds.
    I fear that this job will
    Bring nothing but strife
    I fear they'll reject her and scar her for life.

    We are so happy for them
    We have to sing a song
    Opportunities like this one rarely come along
    A paycheck in her hand
    We'd just be overjoyed
    To actually have a daughter who's gainfully employed!

    Any one of them could get it
    We really don't know who.

    MOM (to DAD):
    It's just I have a few concerns
    I want to share with you.

    You have a good point there
    I see where you're at
    The prince said "bilingual" not "fluent in rat"
    My daughters so rarely
    Will get off their bums...
    This might be our one chance to get them incomes.

    DAD and MOM:
    We are so happy for them
    We have to sing a song.

    DAD: Well, I guess we know what we have to do.
    Girls! Stella, Star, Cinderella! Could you come in here for a second?

    MOM (to DAD): Are you sure about this?

    DAD (nodding): We have to protect Cinderella. She's not ready for this.

    (STELLA, STAR, and CINDERELLA enter. CINDERELLA should have some cleaning implement. Maybe she has a mop and starts mopping the walls. STELLA and STAR are dressed in some silly fashion--to keep it simple, perhaps they just have really big hats. Anyhow, it's clearly something THEY think would attract the Prince rather than something appropriate for a job interview.)

    MOM (surprised, to her daughters): What are you wearing?

    STAR: It brings out my eyes, don't you think?

    STELLA: The Prince won't be able to resist me. Uh, resist hiring me, I mean.

    MOM: Those are not appropriate outfits for a job interview.
    (SHE checks her watch)
    Ack! We only have a few hours. We need to go shopping right now!

    STAR: Shopping? Stella, did you hear that?! We're going shopping!

    STELLA (excited): I know. This job thing just gets better and better.

    MOM: Well come on, we don't have much time. Let's take the hybrid.

    (STELLA and STAR look at each other fearfully as they exit with MOM. CINDERELLA starts to follow.)

    DAD: Uh, Cinderella? Could I talk to you for a minute?

    CINDERELLA (stops, turns around): Me? Sure, Dad. But I need to go shopping too. I don't have anything to wear but these rags.

    DAD: Cinderella...

    CINDERELLA: I mean literally, all I wear is rags.
    That way I can spray myself with cleaner and roll on stuff to quickly dust, clean, shine, and protect.

    DAD: Cinderella--

    CINDERELLA: But I'm sure the palace is spotless. I won't have to roll down any dusty old stairs like I did at your company barbecue.

    DAD (cringing): Cinderella, please listen. You aren't going shopping. You're not going to the job interview.

    (This concludes the first one-third of the script.)

    Overall Customer Rating:
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    Customer Reviews: 2

    Northern California

    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star

    Another magical school performance!

    I recently purchased the music for Cinderella. We loved performing this wonderful musical for over a hundred and fifty family members! The experience brought the class together in unity. We focused on speaking in such a way that the guests in the audience would hear every word. We succeeded and the families loved watching it! Thank you again, Bad Wolf Press. I have done 4 plays with this brand and the kids ALWAYS learn, grow, gain confidence and have a BLAST!

    Tucson, AZ

    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star

    • music
    • 5th-8th
    • modern
    Updated Cinderella is Fantastic

    I used this with a musical theatre camp for 5th - 8th graders. The kids enjoyed the different characters, nuances, and the overall modern take. The songs are fun and catchy and it was a great experience for all.

    Additional Comments and Reviews:

    "We only had three weeks to learn Cinderella, but the kids did amazing and the parents LOVED it! Thank you for your creative, fun musicals. You make the school year so much fun!"

    ---Robin Monson, 5th/6th Grade Teacher, San Antonio Elementary, Ojai, CA

    Common Core and Other National Standards

    Language Arts

    History/Social Studies

    National Core Arts Standards


    obsessive grout intervention rodent eponym AWOL
    crannies slats buff (v.) prestigious hybrid figurehead
    staggered astounded reputation dazed flabbergasted stilettos
    vermin ills bilingual fluent scathing traumatized
    executive disclosure residue mutated befall stewardship
    apropos legacy shoddy journalism composure disconcerted
    hue chartreuse discern counterpart verdant pristine
    prime (colors) sublime Julian calendar Roman numerals headset base (math)
    retinal scanner interfere PowerPoint presentation driver, mouse (computing)

    Phrases and Expressions

    "eco-friendly" "green-approved" "gainfully employed" "mince words" "fast-talker" "go-getter"
    "senior moment" "mover and shaker" "rubbing elbows" "wheeler-dealer" "blow this joint" "business casual"
    "accoutrement of commerce" "trending down" "looking down [one's] nose" "chew you up and spit you out" "brains of the operation" "lockdown mode"

    Number of questions: 0

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