Bad Wolf Camp/Workshop Set
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Now we've created an easy way to offer a paid workshop or camp!

What Do I Get?

As always, your purchase of a Bad Wolf play gives you the rights to copy and distribute the script for the actors. Here are the additional benefits of the Camp Set:

  • Charge what you like for your camp—no royalties are due to Bad Wolf Press unless you collect more than $5000
  • You get the rights to duplicate entire audio recording for actors (you can either copy the CD or distribute audio files via email ** files may not be posted online)
  • Free shipping!
  • Purchase audio CDs for actors (optional) at reduced price ($5/each, available in increments of 5)
  • Purchase sheet music (optional) at reduced price ($10 for printed or download, or $18 for both)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I already own the play I want to use for my camp. Do I have to purchase this?

A: No! After your camp is over, simply visit our Royalties page and pay the royalty separately.

Q: How are the audio rights different with the Camp Set?

A: When you normally purchase a play from us, you get the rights to provide ONLY 1 or 2 songs to each actor (to help with solos or small group parts). But we know that a camp or workshop often operates on an extremely tight schedule! Therefore, purchase of the Camp Set allows you to duplicate the entire recording for all the actors. Recordings may be emailed or burned to CD. **Public online postings are strictly prohibited - any online postings must require a password.**

Q: If I do another camp next year, do I have to buy this again?

A: No, unless you want to do a different play. If you're using the same play, just visit our Royalties page and pay the royalty after your camp is over.