Upcoming Show: Social Skills: How to Interact with Human Beings

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It's a bird! It's a plane! Okay, it looks nothing like a bird or a plane. It's a play!

But we can't really be expected to resist all superhero jokes, not when we are so excited about our latest show, Social Skills: How to Interact with Human Beings. Here's the story:

Captain Invisible, Freeze Frame, The Green Pen, and Info Blast are superheroes with a problem. Well, a lot of problems. Their superpowers are sketchy, their sidekicks are avoiding them, and they've been flagged by the ISS (International Society for Superheroes, of course) as "not mixing well with the general population." Ouch! Fortunately, their Advisors at the ISS want to help them improve, sending them on a quest to master people skills. With the help of human beings all over the city, they'll learn the importance of listening to others, thinking before they speak (or post things online!), paying attention to body language and social cues, speaking with tact, regulating their emotions, facing conflict, and making amends.

This show can be used successfully in either mainstream or special needs settings, and it is well suited for performers on and off the autism spectrum!

Key Concepts:

  • Social skills come naturally to some people more than others -- but they can be practiced and taught
  • Listening attentively to others
  • Contributing to a conversation: what and how much to say about yourself
  • Thinking before you speak
  • Paying close attention to body language and social cues
  • Being tactful
  • Monitoring your emotions and reactions; stepping away before things get out of hand
  • Facing conflict and apologizing
  • Online conduct: think before you post something on the internet; conduct yourself online as you would in person
  • You don't have to be friends with everyone, but you should strive to be friendly

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