Tip: No-Fuss Costumes to Use Over and Over for Any Play

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What is the most stressful thing about putting on a play? Most people will say "costumes!" with slightly crazy eyes. In fact, some customers tell us that they want to do a new play, but they already have costumes for a different one so they will just do that same play for the next thirty years.

That's one strategy. But if you like doing plays and want some variety, you might appreciate this tip from teacher Machelle Rogers. By investing a little money up front, you can have easy costumes at your disposal for years to come, no matter what play you are doing:

I have purchased a whole bunch of oversized tees (like 75ish) in groups of colors and that is what we always use-- that way all the Cherokee Nation are wearing the same color, the Macbeth cheerleaders are wearing the same color, etc. It makes life so easy when figuring out 'costumes' and we can focus on the words and songs.

We love this idea because 1) it's super simple and cheap in the long run, 2) you don't have to rely on parents for costumes or worry about some kids having more elaborate costumes than others, 3) it immediately communicates to the audience which characters "go" together, and you can easily add signs if you need to clarify a character name.

We always love to know what is working for you. If you have a minute, add a comment below or contact us to share your own tips about costumes, sets, staging, enunciation, rehearsals - anything! - so we can pass them on to others.

1 comment(s)
Teacherrich August 24, 2015 5:17 PM reply
I'm not sure if I read this suggestion first, or came to the same conclusion independently. I also have scads of colored shirts, slightly large, that I use for group costumes. A colored shirt and an appropriate hat satisfies the child's desire for a costume and is super-easy on the budget. The inventory of shirts can be built up over time by requesting donations from parents and bulk shirts can be had online for $2 apiece or less. I do use other costume accessories like vests (parent made), capes, and bling, but it's all cheap stuff. It's the kids that are the important part of the show.

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