Test-Taking Strategies

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Test-Taking Strategies, our third play of the 2012-13 school season, is here!

We really think you'll enjoy this fun 20-minute play. Those of you who aren't "allowed" to do plays might get the go-ahead with this one, since the show is test-related and will help improve student scores. But the material will be helpful to all students, even those in schools that already encourage creativity and music in the classroom.

Here's the setup: Through an inter-species exchange program, four magical creatures arrive in their new classroom -- only to learn that they have a TEST the next day! What will they do? They don't have tests back in their world! Never fear, though, for the students and some special visitors will teach them all they need to know about test preparedness.

Here's the curriculum we cover:

  • Invest in your health: eat healthy foods, wear comfortable clothes, and get a good night's sleep
  • Come to class every day, listen and focus, be prepared by bringing the right materials
  • General test strategies: Read the whole question, look for key words, answer the questions you know first and come back to the harder ones, check your work
  • Strategies for multiple-choice questions: answer every question, try out every answer, eliminate answers that you know are wrong
  • Suggestions for dealing with test anxiety: breathe, think positive, count to ten, take a break
  • An important reminder that "you are not your score"!

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