Q&A about Social Skills: How to Interact with Human Beings

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We sat down with authors John Heath and Lisa Adams to talk about their latest creation, Social Skills: How to Interact with Human Beings. Let’s see what malarkey they decided to share with us.

Q: Is this the one about superheroes? Which superheroes are in the play? Welllll….let’s just say a tiny little company such as ours cannot rub elbows with the great comic book franchises that keep pumping our movie theaters full of such high-quality entertainment. We invented our own characters, ones that are a little more…erm…Bad Wolfian. 
Q: That sounds suspicious. Do they actually have superpowers?
Some of them do; some of them think they do; all of them need to learn how to use their powers in appropriate ways. We wanted to make it clear that social skills are simply that—skills. People can be very talented in other ways, but that doesn’t mean social skills necessarily come easy for them. And the good news is that everyone can practice and improve. 
Q: It sounds like you’re speaking from experience.
Oh no, we haven’t improved yet! That’s why we’re writers. 
Q: But seriously.
Seriously, we decided to write this show because the information is just so important. Being able to listen, communicate, read body language, and deal with conflict affects people (for better or worse) in EVERY aspect of their lives. And it’s hard not to notice that people skills seem to be on the decline. More time spent online and in solitary activities means less opportunity to practice in real social situations. Also, many kids on the autism spectrum struggle with social interactions. In short, people skills are vital to everyone, so why not teach them explicitly?

Q: So is Social Skills appropriate for kids on the autism spectrum? Yes, but this play is really for everyone! All of our plays have been used successfully by kids of all abilities and learning styles—this one is no exception. We think it will be a bit hit both in mainstream and special education classrooms.

Q: Last words? Pickle! Anhedonia! Haberdasher! Oh, and you can learn more about the play here!
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