New Show: Alice's Adventures with Idioms

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We are pleased as punch with our latest show, Alice's Adventures with Idioms! While our lyricist John Heath always works his genius in our shows, this play is truly his linguistic masterpiece, set to incredibly fun and catchy music by Mike Fishell. And since it contains more than 150 idioms and similes, Alice can truly be an expansive teaching tool. It's great for native speakers and English Language Learners alike. For a list of the idioms, similes, and vocabulary in the show, just click here and click on the "Vocabulary" tab. You'll also be able to read the first third of the script and listen to samples of all the songs. And of course we have links to the common core and other national standards that the play fulfills. Synopsis: Alice follows her cat and dog down the rabbit hole and arrives in...the land of idioms! And a crazy place it is. All the familiar Wonderland characters -- the White Rabbits, Tweedledee and Tweedledum, the Mad Hatter and March Hare, the Cheshire Cat, the King and Queen of Hearts -- are there to share their kooky wisdom as they help Alice and her pets navigate the mysterious world of the English language. In addition to exploring the meanings of specific expressions, students will understand the difference between literal and metaphorical language and learn that idioms have a historical basis.

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