New Plays for 2018-2019!

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We have not yet shared the titles of our new and upcoming plays (all I can say is, strange and busy summer), so here they are!

THE NUTCRACKER is a silly musical available NOW! Based on the story made famous by the Nutcracker Ballet, our play uses the actual music from Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite with new arrangements and our own dandy lyrics. The play can be used for a holiday show or just for fun (there is no actual Christmas content in the story, so it's very flexible). Check it out now!

ANCIENT RIVER VALLEY CIVILIZATIONS is a non-musical coming at the end of this month (October). This is a play containing lots of curriculum and designed for older students, grades 5-9+. Here's more info!

Last but certainly not least is CHARACTER MATTERS III, the long-awaited sequel to our bestselling Character Matters franchise! Available in January 2019, this musical has the same basic premise of the other two shows, but focuses specifically on the importance of empathy in character-building. Learn more here!

"The Nutcracker" is ready now for shipping and download. "Ancient River Valley Civilizations" and "Character Matters III" are available for pre-order. Pay for your copy now and we will ship the play or send you the download as soon as it is ready!

We hope you enjoy our latest offerings.

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