Insert Spring Pun Here!

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Spring forward? Spring fling? Spring into savings? No, these puns hurt even us. But the season is upon us nonetheless, and it’s just begging for MUSICAL THEATER!


The Environmental Show (30 minutes, grades 3-6+) A really fun musical about a struggling rock band—and how singing banana peels and Styrofoam containers saved their career. (Hey, it could happen!) Don’t have time to stage the full musical? Don’t worry about it. Just have kids perform in class, or do the play as reader’s theater on April 22.

The Conservation 10-Minute Mini (10 minutes, grades 3-6+) It’s hard to imagine getting more curricular bang for your buck than with this great little play about the Three Little Pigs’ attempt to build environmentally-friendly housing. Use the show as reader’s theater and your kids will learn a ton about saving energy and water in 10 hilarious minutes.

Individual Songs & Skits

Working with younger kids or just need something short and sweet? You can use selections from the plays above, or:


Blech! This is not a “holiday” that we like to celebrate, but still it comes marching upon us every year. Give your kids some extra tips and confidence with Test-Taking Strategies for grades 2-6. It’s a very fun, 20-minute play chock full of great testing tips and anxiety-reducing strategies for everyone.


American Symbols is an absolutely awesome play for grades K-4 that can be used to commemorate the Memorial Day holiday and the end of the school year to boot.

Looking for a short Memorial Day song and skit? Check out “A Day to Remember” in Holiday Songs for the Classroom.

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