Good Manners: A Medieval Quest for Polite Behavior

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Teach grades 2-6 those all-important manners with our new play: Good Manners: A Medieval Quest for Polite Behavior.

It’s the Middle Ages, and a wicked spell has been cast on the kingdom: good manners have suddenly disappeared, and it’s up to Sir Gwendolyn and Sir Dancelot to bring them back. The two knights (both relatively new to this “quest” thing) have no clue what to do, and of course things go terribly wrong. But luckily for the kingdom, they run into just the right characters to help them (re)discover polite behavior: an alchemist has invented hygiene, a baron teaches them social etiquette, the Black Knight encourages them to learn to help others, a damsel (definitely not in distress) reveals the importance of asking permission, a spoon-loving abbot shares the joys of table manners, and a dragon explains why it’s mean to call people names (dragons have feelings too).

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