Enunciation Tips

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Getting kids to speak their lines clearly and with the right emphasis can often take a bit of work. Here are some great practice tips shared recently on our Facebook page by veteran teachers:

  • Stand at the very back of the room during rehearsals to encourage the kids to enunciate and use their "stage voice."
  • Warm up with the "Zip, Zap, Zop" game. I stress that the Zs and the Puh (of the P) have to be very clear. It's fun! Then, when my kids mumble, rather than yell at them (as if that ever works), I say "ZIP, ZAP, ZOP your line, please."
  • Practice in slow motion. This little rehearsal trick gets the kids speaking more slowly and clearly when they perform.
  • Have a "yelling rehearsal." The kids think it's hilarious, but the difference it makes in phrasing and volume is worth the potential headache!

Got tips of your own? Add them to the comments!

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