Do School-Phobic Parents Show Up for Your Plays?

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Once in awhile we hear that the parents who never show up for anything, including parent-teacher conferences, will show up for class plays.

What's your experience been?

We're trying to show school districts the advantages of plays, and if the "parents show up" piece is true, then we'll need quotes to back it up.

And if these "school-phobic" parents DO come to the child's play, is there any advantage to you? Once they've been into your classroom, are you able to establish more of a relationship with them?

We'd love to hear your experiences with this! Please post a comment.

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admin37226 (Store Admin) May 8, 2015 2:11 PM reply
I have been using Bad Wolf Productions for the past 13 years or so. My class puts on one performance for our families every year. Over those performances, I have only had two students miss a performance and I’ve NEVER had a student that did not have a member of their family come with them. These are evening performances and I have students from a variety of backgrounds. There have been times that this is the only chance I have had to interact with a parent, and it has been such a positive for a parent to only hear a teacher gush about what an amazing job their child did speaking and singing in front of one hundred (and often more) people! -- Theresa Casto

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