CD Replacement and Cleaning

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Did you know that you can order replacement audio recordings for all of our plays? If your CD is lost or damaged, you can order a new one for $9.95. On our web site, just type the name of the play and "audio recording" into the search box at the top right of any page. Once you land on the page, you can order a replacement CD or downloadable audio files.

Before you do, though, try cleaning your CD (if you still have one!) with either soap and water or Windex. This often will fix a skipping CD.

And if you do have to order a new CD, be sure to make a backup copy for yourself once you receive it. That goes for new play/CD sets too--we encourage you to create a backup CD when you first get the play so that you'll always have a spare. CDs always seem to disappear or go wonky right before a performance. It's a Murphy's Law thing.

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