Bad Wolf to Teach Social Skills

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Experts deeply alarmed

Misfit writers are the last people you’d expect to be dishing out interpersonal advice, but we have had such great feedback about our character education and life skills plays that we just have to keep tackling the tough issues. In January we’ll be releasing Social Skills: How to Interact with Human Beings. This play features some very sad superheroes whose lack of social awareness is preventing them from making new friends. Fortunately, some savvy humans are willing to teach them what they need to know!

Topics will include:

  • What’s a conversation, anyway?  (And what isn’t!)
  • Showing interest, listening, making eye contact
  • Sharing vs. bragging
  • Knowing what to say, what to leave out
  • Being tactful, thinking before you speak
  • Reading body language and social cues
  • Appropriate conduct on the phone and online

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