What You Get With Every Bad Wolf Play

$39.95 buys you everything you need for a successful production! (Buy 2 or more plays and get each for only $30.00.)

  • Illustrated script (with the right to make copies for your students/actors)
  • CD with rehearsal music and performance music - On the recording you'll first hear our singers demonstrate all the songs, then just the musical accompaniments to each song so you can hear and perform the shows. You don't have to sing or play a note!
  • Teacher's Guide: 10-15 pages of how-to suggestions
  • NO performance royalty as long as no tickets are sold
  • Lifetime performance rights!

NOTE to MUSIC TEACHERS: The musical score is not included with the basic package, but is available for $9.95 per show.

Money-Saving Options - For Whole Grade Levels or Schools

Bad Wolf offers several easy and incredibly low-priced ways to bring a performing arts curriculum into your entire school.

  • Site License: for $79.95, you get three copies of any Book/CD set, with permission to make copies for any other teachers involved at your school site.
  • School Pack: for $599.00, you get three copies of ten Book/CD sets, with performance rights and unlimited photocopying for every teacher at the school. You save nearly 40% off the price than if you purchased the plays separately! When you order a School Pack, you can also get the sheet music for all 10 plays for $75.
  • Whole Kit-n-Caboodle Pack: for $2999.00, you get three copies of 58 Bad Wolf musical plays, with performance rights and unlimited photocopying for every teacher at the school. That's a huge price savings of $1400.00! When you order a Whole Kit-N-Caboodle, you can also get the sheet music for all 56 plays for $300.


Imagine that the third grade teachers get together and decide the team wants to do Geology Rocks. Suppose there are four third grade classes at your school. Since the Bad Wolf copyright specifies that each teacher needs an original book/CD set, the cost for this production is $120 (four classes @$30 each).

For many years, schools have been purchasing three, four, five, and even six copies of the same show so each participating teacher could have an original, legal copy.

But the Bad Wolf Site License cuts the price down to just $75.00!

Here's what you get:

  • Three copies of the Book/CD set, with permission to make copies for any other teachers involved at your school site
  • Lifetime performance rights with NO royalties as long as admission is free
  • And of course permission to copy the script for all students involved.


Q: I'm just one teacher doing this with my class. Do I need this license?

A: No, no, no. Absolutely not. The site license is only when multiple teachers are putting on the show.

Q: My teacher partner and I want to put our classes together for a production of a Bad Wolf play. We don't need the Site License, do we?

A: No, you simply need to purchase two copies of the book/CD set. That's only $60 for the two sets!

Q: But why do we need multiple copies when we'll be performing as one big class?

A: If copies are made for a class other than the purchasing teacher's, it's an infringement of U.S. copyright law. Yikes! Bad Wolf likes to toe the line where Uncle Sam is concerned, so we offer a discount on the purchase of multiple copies of the play. One copy of a book/CD set costs $39.95, but the price drops to $30 each when you purchase two. So the second set (for your teaching partner) is only costing $20. And then both of you get original (and legal) book/CD sets. With three or more teachers, the Site License is the way to go.